The Awesome Foundation: The Text Of Young America


Times are tough. People need awesome projects to divert attention away from just how difficult things can be. Awesomeness can help, but sometimes awesomeness can be costly. Well, now there’s a foundation that may provide a little assistance. The Awesome Foundation. Once a month a committee of 12 people get together to decide on which awesome idea will receive a thousand dollar grant. It doesn’t have to be profitable, it doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be awesome. The first recipient was awarded last week. Keith Hopper, a trustee of the foundation, spoke with me about where the idea came from, spreading the awesome word, and how awesomeness is within all of us.

Chris Bowman: The Awesome Foundation! What a great idea! How did this idea come to fruition?

Keith Hopper: It’s primarily the brainchild of Tim Hwang. Although it didn’t start until the twelve, originally ten, trustees came together. But Tim’s original idea came primarily from his applications for grants. In one of his various lives, he works in academia and like many of us applies for grants and was frustrated by the bureaucracy and recognized that probably a lot of people with awesome ideas would be equally as frustrated or compromised by the grants and the grant processes, or the requirements they have. He saw an opportunity to maybe do something different.

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