Bunker Buddies with Andie and Travis

Join Andie and Travis every Wednesday as they take on every single Apocalypse scenario they (and you the listener!) can think of! They're not preppers, they're comedians so it'll probably get pretty silly. So, hunker in their bunker and let's survive this thing together!

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Go Bag!


Hey Buddies, is everything not GOOD? Have you had a powerful SCARE? Has the SHTF? Then just grab your Go Bag! What's that? You don't have a GO BAG?! But what about your essentials? What do you grab as you run out the door? Where's your collection of flashlights? Well, don't worry! Travis and Andie will walk you through everything you need to put together a bag that is good to go!

Super Volcano!


Hey Buddies! We've got a real super episode for you folks! Like, REALLY super! It's got a Volcanic Eruption Index of like an 8! Maybe even a 9! This episode is all about Super Volcanoes like the one under Yellowstone! You see, this is another one of those apocalypses that could really happen. In fact, in 1815 there was an eruption that caused "The Year Without a Summer" and we'll tell you about it! And don't worry, we've got lots of advice on what to do before, after and during a volcanic eruption!

Lost At Sea!


Ahoy Buddies! Look, off in the distance! Could it be... LAND?! Nope, just more ocean! But hopefully you downloaded this episode about what to do if you're lost at sea before you actually became lost! We'll tell you what to do if you're stuck on a raft! What to do if you wash up on a deserted island! We'll even tell you some true Lost at Sea stories! Crack open a coconut, pull up a stack of bamboo, drink some seagull blood and enjoy!

Bolide Impact!


Hello Buddies! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's A GIANT ASTEROID HEADED FOR EARTH!!!!! Well, that one and a gajillion other ones. You see, stuff from space hits Earth all the time. Usually, it's pretty small but sometimes it can be quite large. Like, world ending-ly large. Sure, we can build bunkers and plant repositories, but if a big enough rock hits, we are done for. The good news is, there are scientists far smarter than Andie and Travis coming up with solutions! Learn about the potential solutions for the potential disaster! Some of them are really wacky!



Well Buddies, we've recovered from our separate but equally devastating illness! Our time on the sickbed got us thinking, what if it wasn't illness? What if it was... POISON?! Of course, it was NOT poison but would we know if it was? What are some common poisons and what are the symptoms to look for? What are common household poisons? What do you do if you or someone else has been poisoned? All this, plus real life poisoning stories! Enjoy! Also, we wouldn't eat that if we were you...

Rebuilding Society!


Hello Buddies! Well, it happened. The world as we knew it has ended and everything you once knew has crumbled. After surviving the immediate danger, it's time to start reforming some kind of existence out of the rubble. You lead a small band of survivors and they look to you for guidance you all work together to rebuild society. What are your thoughts on crime and punishment? What are your first steps? How will you run your settlement? Let's get through this together!

Winter Weather!


Well Buddies, the weather outside sure is frightful! But knowing that you're joining us again is so delightful! We want you to be so prepared that you look at the clouds and think "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"! No matter how much you hate going out in the storm, we've got the tips you need to make it through the blizzard! Learn the signs of frostbite and how to prevent it so that all the way home, you'll be warm! The knowledge doesn't show signs of stopping, learn a little bit about the Donner Party! Time to finally kiss goodbye, except no kissing! Enjoy buddies!



Hello brothers and sisters! Come in, come in! Leave all your worries and worldly possessions by the door and join us in this week's episode! History is littered with cults that predicted the end of the world and other paranormal claims. Would we join a cult? Would we make good cult leaders? What makes a cult any way? All this, plus a few famous cults and warning signs that you might be a cult member yourself! Enjoy and forget all about the worries of the outside world and everyone you know!

Most Dangerous Game/Thanksgiving!


Hello Buddies! We just wanted to say how thankful we are that aren't hunting us on a tropical island in what some might call "a very dangerous game". Have you given much thought to what you would do in that scenario? How would you avoid being tracked? Would you stay in one place or stay on the move? Which celebrity would be most satisfying to hunt? What if you found yourself in a Battle Royale/Hunger Games situation? How would that change your plans? In the second half of today's ep, how to survive Thanksgiving! We suggest a few party games, tips to get out of dangerous conversations and generally how to keep your holidays happy! Thanks for stopping by buddies!

Starting Fires!


Hello Buddies! Look around you, at least 32 things with in your reach could be used to start a fire! Especially if you work in a lighter factory! What can you use to start the fire? What can you use as kindling? Along with fun ways to start fires (including pee!), we also got sent a box from ApocaBox! Listen as we unbox and review! Let's turn this Bunker into a FUN-ker!