Ricky Carmona

Ricky Carmona is a comedian and actor living in Los Angeles. He performs all around the Los Angeles area, has been seen on Comedy Central's Mash Up, and has made several appearances on Tosh.0. He's also a contributor on Witstream.com. When he's not performing or on an Indiana Jones adventure for the next great song, he's hollering at movies. Waddup, Heat! I see you! Kick-Ass, when we gonna kick it! Predator, is that you? Turn that camouflage off, it's ya' boy! Aliens! Hey, Ellen Ripley, my name is Ricky, and when you got a minute, I got some Henny & Ginger Ale. Die Hard, stay easy, baby! The Matrix Trilogy! Stop thru, son! I ain't got THAT much hate for you. Cloud Atlas, they didn't get you, but I got'chu. The Raid: Redemption, how you living? You looking for any new tenants? Robocop, Batman, you men of the people! Lord of the Rings! I got time for all three of y'all any day errry day. What's poppin', The Godfather I & II! Godfather III, would you get out my house please? Holler at Ricky on Twitter at @RickyCarmona.