Ep. 23: Mom Guilt

One Bad Mother
Tresa Edmunds

Biz and Theresa discuss guilt issues. Surprise: Everything makes us feel guilty, including each other! We speak with Tresa Edmunds, aka Reese Dixon, lifestyle blogger, mom, mormon, activist... and that's the stuff we DON'T get to in the interview! This woman has been through it all, except possibly fire. If you need inspiring, Tresa's your woman.

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Hearing you describe me helps me!

This is an "Everyting is about ME" message (sorry!). But really, I just want to say that you guys describing exactly what's going on in my brain helps me realize how I'm not helping myself in a really concrete and clear way. Wow. That's so helpfuuuuuuuul! Thank you so much!!!

Two kinds of guilt

I was thinking about that lately, the two kinds of guilt... Recently, I translated this text about guilt from English to French (here's the text: http://evolutionaryparenting.com/debunking-the-myth-of-mommy-guilt-why-a... BTW: I really don't agree with the paragraph that mentions depression, but I like the rest of the text). While translating, I noticed that in French, we have a word for being driven into guilt, which is "culpabilisation", but there is no real word for it in English! I've seen it translated into English as "apportionment of blame" or "guilt-tripping" (as in "guilt-tripping" someone else), or the "blame game". I really think that a lot of the guilt we feel as moms is driven by other people, and sometimes it's really hard to tell the difference between the guilt that is "useful" (like the time I dropped my 2-week old on the floor because of a stupid reason - I think I was right to feel guilty, and I learned a lesson that night) and the guilt that is completely unnecessary (like me feeling guilty 'cause I can't bake a delightful cake with fondant icing for my daughter's birthday; I have other qualities, but cooking is NOT one of those, and making a complicated cake is just asking for failure!). I'm not sure, but I'm starting to think that most of the time, the problematic type of guilt is the one driven by other people. These days, I try to ask myself: Is this really one of my values, or is this someone else's values? Am I trying to follow someone else's values, or one of mine?

I REALLY enjoyed the show! Thank you so much! :D