Maximum Fun Donates $100,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank


The 2017 MaxFunDrive was a huge success for Maximum Fun, thanks to an incredibly generous community of supporters like you. One of our thank-you gifts was particularly popular this year (hi pin collectors!), so we did something unprecedented in order to thank you all and to try to help some people along the way.

We chose to sell these pins to you, our monthly members, so that you could build out your collection - but we decided up front that we would donate all of the proceeds from this sale to our friends and neighbors at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

One in seven people in Los Angeles County experiences food insecurity. That's an eye-opening ratio and it needs to change. With just one dollar, our friends at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank can provide four meals. A little bit goes a long way at this wonderful organization, and thanks to the support of people like you in Maximum Fun's community, we were able to give more than a little bit this year.

On December 20, 2017 at Maximum Fun headquarters in Westlake, the founder of Maximum Fun, Jesse Thorn, presented Roger Castle, Chief Development Officer of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, with a check for $100,365.66.

That's 401,462 meals for our neighbors in Los Angeles County.

Roger Castle explained what this donation signifies for the LA Regional Food Bank:

We feed 300,000 people a month in LA, and we need to feed more than that. So, this is going to make a huge impact on what we can do this year. We can distribute more meals than we ever have before.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank helps prevent our neighbors from going hungry, and makes it possible for people all over Los Angeles County to gather with their family and friends and bond over a meal. As MaxFunsters, we know that you understand the importance of community, and by purchasing pins you've directly helped strengthen communities in Los Angeles.

Here's what Jesse Thorn himself had to say about this:

It's just awe-inspiring to be where we are... this is our tens of thousands of listeners stepping up. It's kind of an amazing thing to me. We've always been focused on using our network to make the world a better place and impact our audience's lives. And I think we've found in this, and in many other areas of our business, that our audience is not only on board for that, but they want to join in with us and each other to make people's lives better. And that's a really beautiful thing.

Thank you again for being the most wonderful community we could ever ask for. Everyone here at Maximum Fun is so grateful for your generosity towards our network, our shows, and the greater Los Angeles community. We couldn't have done any of this without you.

If you would like to support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as part of the Maximum Fun community, head over to to contribute.

Thanks from all your pals at MaxFun HQ! L to R: Christian, Casey, Bikram, Jesse, Laura, Kira, Kevin, Stacey, Lindsay, Danny, and Jesus (we're missing Jen and Theresa who couldn't be in the office today!)