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Become a Platinum Angel, and you’ll get free registration for MaxFunCon 2018*! Registration includes food, lodging, classes, and entertainment for the entire weekend – basically everything you'll need to have the best weekend ever, short of transportation there. We'll even throw in a bunch of new friends for free. And that’s in addition to every single thank-you gift below – the Inner Circle membership, the beer mugs, the KIT Kit, your choice of enamel pin, and the hours upon hours of digital bonus content. This is the most elite group of MaxFun supporters out there. You get the perks because you’ve earned them.


$100 per month

Golden Eagles

When you soar with the Golden Eagles, you join the Inner Circle - A monthly club celebrating the best in comedy, music and culture. Each month, a MaxFun host will hand-select a favorite book, movie, album, or other piece of culture to share with you, and we’ll deliver it to your door (or email inbox) along with a note about what they love about it. On top of that, you can count on every thank you gift below - the rocket ship beer mugs, the KIT Kit, the enamel pin, and of course, the exclusive digital bonus content. Plus, Golden Eagles are invited to a special, annual gathering the night before MaxFunCon, with staff, performers and other special guests.


$35 per month

Leadership Squad

Sign up to join the Leadership Squad and receive a pair of elegant Max Fun beer mugs. These stunning mugs are made from high quality glass and are permanently engraved with the classic Maximum Fun rocket logo. Celebrate friendship over a round (or two) of beer! You’ll also receive the Keep in Touch Kit, the enamel pin of your choice, and access to the bonus digital content.


$20 per month

Diamond Friendship Circle

Say goodbye to impersonal emails in 2017! Join the Diamond Friendship Circle, and you’ll receive our uniquely curated Keep In Touch Kit. The KIT Kit includes everything you need to stay connected to your friends in a special way: 9 encouraging notecards; a 4-color rocket pen; a sweet rocket stamp; and a rocket-shaped, scented candle to set the mood for friendly correspondence. You’ll also get the enamel pin representing the show of your choosing as well as access to the bonus digital content!


$10 per month

Friend of the Family

Become a Friend of the Family and you’ll get your hands on one of our drive-exclusive, MaxFun enamel pins. Choose your favorite of 28 designs, and proudly wear your support for Maximum Fun on your sleeve (or lapel, hat, bag...). This level also includes access to all of our many hours of bonus digital content.


$5 per month

Thank you for supporting the media you love. Listen every week and know that you helped pay for your favorite shows. Of course, you’ll receive access to our bonus digital content, including special episodes, outtakes, pilots, and other great exclusive stuff from all the MaxFun shows.

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*A $200 monthly membership must be maintained continuously through at least the date of the festival in order to be eligible for the MaxFunCon registration gift.