Ms. New Booty


I posted about Bubba Sparxxx last week... his new single with the Ying Yang Twins, "Ms. New Booty" is shooting up the charts right now. The record company is also running a booty-intensive participatory website.

Tara Henley has some interesting thoughts on the whole thing on

9. If you’re mad at “Ms. New Booty,” it’s worth remembering that we’re all partially to blame—since Deliverance was a stirring, soul-searching work of art and no one bothered to buy it.

I'm still deciding on the song... on the one hand, I find it morally questionable. On the other hand, it gives me the urge to yell: "BOOTYBOOTYBOOTYBOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHEYAH!" and that can't be all bad.

Also: at one point, of the Ying-Yang Twins has a couple that goes... "Sippin' on Petron... GLUG GLUG GLUG / Shortie's in a thong... WOAH WOAH WOAH," which is pretty f'ing hilarious. And I hate the YYTs.