Brendon Small, Nude


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Brendon Small Poses in Playgirl

The April issue of Playgirl, currently on stands, features more than the usual letters to Playgirl, articles, and photos of naked dudes. It features a photo spread of a naked dude we know: Brendon Small, co-creator of Home Movies and the upcoming Adult Swim show, Dethklok.

Brendon poses wearing nothing but a Viking helmet. Playgirl interviews him on a few subjects, including his dog Ernie, his commercial work and a little on the new show. It's all in the April issue of Playgirl, popping up on stands now.

Well how-dee-doo. The issue also includes something on Aziz Ansari.

Yeah, I'm not afraid to visit the Playgirl website if that's what I gotta do for you people.

Brendon Small talks about Dethklok on The Sound of Young America (MP3 Link)

Brendon Small talks about Home Movies on The Sound of Young America (MP3 Link)