Mike Rowe on QVC


While we were at SxSW, Nick White, our editor, couldn't shut up about this guy who was on QVC but was kind of making fun of it. Little did I know that the guy in question was Mike Rowe, who now hosts the cable series "Dirty Jobs." Or that the clips entirely merited Nick's incessant prattling. This is a delight.



To marry two themes, wouldn't Mike Rowe make a fantastic host for Antiques Roadshow?

46 dollars for a lava lamp?

46 dollars for a lava lamp? And this was from, as far as I can tell, the earliest days of cable? Good lord that's a lot of money.

I just watched the "Gourd

I just watched the "Gourd Maker" episode of Dirty Jobs, and he actually makes a joke about how he "knows all about QVC." I assumed he was merely saying he was familiar with the genre that he then spends a couple minute parodying. That he was actually on it makes it even better.


Thanks for Nick's persistence it opened another QVC clip watching spree. This was great.