Jazz and Soul Singer Jose James: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Jose James

Jose James is an acclaimed jazz and soul singer. He has two new albums - a forward-looking, genre-hopping record called Blackmagic and a collection of piano-and-vocals standards called For All We Know. The former features collaborations with producers like Moodymann and Flying Lotus. The latter features duets with the Belgian pianist Jef Neve. James, a native of Minneapolis, lives in London, and has been championed by the influential English DJ Gilles Peterson. He talks with us about the connection between jazz and hip-hop, what one learns in jazz school, and returning to standards after years singing more contemporary fare.

Beyonce - Work It Out


This was Beyonce's first solo single - a track from the Austin Powers 2 soundtrack. Produced by the Neptunes. One of my favorite Beyonce songs even now. This was one of the Neptunes most productive periods - after they'd established their signature sound, and started to get a little odd. I'm also a big fan of their album Clones, from right around this same time. Roscoe P. Coldchain's "Hot", which featured Pusha T from the Clipse and Boobonic from Philly's Most Wanted still bangs. Anyway, this Beyonce song is a jam. Sorry about all the Austin Power in the video.

Bilal Covers Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You"


Along with upcoming TSOYA guest Jose James, Bilal is my favorite male vocalist around. He hasn't actually released a record since his debut, 2001's First Born Second, but the word is that his follow-up will come along this year. Check out this incendiary version of Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You" for some evidence of Bilal's power. Click through for the Zep original.

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Hanson: Interview on The Sound of Young America


The band Hanson hit it big as teenagers in the late 1990s with the megahit ​MmBop. More than a decade later, they're still making acclaimed R&B-infused pop rock. Their latest album is Shout It Out.

Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson were nominated for three Grammy awards for their album Middle of Nowhere in 1996. They never stopped recording, going independent in 2001. Shout It Out is their ninth album.

A Tribute to The Fishstick


Two years ago, our friends You Look Nice Today released an episode called Sacks-Minnelli Disease, which featured a description of a dance called The Fishstick. Traditionally, the Fishstick is performed to "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell & the Drells, one of my all-time favorite songs of all-time (top 5, for real). Adam Lisagor, aka Lonely Sandwich, made a fishstick video, and a cultural phenomenon was born. Above, a fan tribute video celebrating two years of this wonderful dance.

Janelle Monae on Letterman


You heard it here first, folks: Janelle Monae is the real deal. I've been bothering you about her for a couple years now, and it looks like she's got the right single and is gonna pop.

Jaheim - Fabulous

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Jaheim has a new video, and it's cool and everything, but it just made we want to listen to this song.

I have plan.


The only problem with my plan to marry Sade is that I am already happily married.

Van Morrison - Domino (Live in 1977)


I have in the past mentioned that I am no great fan of the music of the whites. My people have made great contributions to musical culture, certainly, but mostly it's not for me. A little country music, Randy Newman, not much else. Van Morrison, though? Yeah.

My stepmother is from Belfast, and I think Van Morrison and Sinead O'Connor are pretty much the only two musicians I've ever heard her say an admiring word about. You know why? Because they kick ass.

I'm not really that into the folky hippy-dippy Van Morrison that a lot of other people seem to love, but this right here is some serious, kick-ass soul music. You could put on this or TB Sheets and just listen over and over.

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