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Put This On Episode 4


Over at Put This On, my men's style website, we've just released our fourth episode, on grooming. It features a trip to my barber, Jerry at Larchmont Barbershop, as well as a wet shave demonstration and some important laundry information.

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LBJ Orders Pants


This is the latest from my non-MaxFun project, Put This On.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson needed some pants, so he called Haggar to ask for some. The call was recorded, and later became one of the most beloved White House tapes of all time. For the reason why, you'll have to watch.

Animator Tawd Dorenfeld helped us create this short.

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Put This On Episode 3

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Over at Put This On, we just published episode three, which features past Sound of Young America guest Paul Feig.

Put This On Episode 2: Shoes

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I'm so proud that I get to work with Adam Lisagor on Put This On. If you're not familiar with it, it's a men's style series and blog we've been doing for the past six months or so. This is the second video episode, about shoes. It was paid for by fans of the blog and of our first episode, about denim. With the MaxFun pledge drive coming up, I've been thinking a lot about money. It's nice to know that people will pay for something that they don't have to pay for, to make sure it gets made. That act of altruism is pretty much the basis of my career.

Anyway: shoes. Enjoy.

Put This On Episode One is here!


Put This On, Episode 1: Denim from Put This On on Vimeo.

Thanks to the brilliance of Lonely Sandwich, we've got a pilot for Put This On. Lots of MaxFun donors also donated to support this project, to thanks to all of those folks. Be sure to subscribe to the blog, and if you know anybody in the apparel industry (or related) who wants to sponsor further episodes, be sure to let me know :).

Put This On on Twitter


You may have heard that Adam Lisagor (Lonely Sandwich of You Look Nice Today) and I are working on a web series about men's style called "Put This On." We hope it'll appeal both to people who already love men's style, and to those who are just ready to dress like a grownup.

We're launching the website soon, but in the meantime, we're tweeting @PutThisOn, so subscribe now. We start working on the pilot at the end of the month!

Announcing: Put This On


Are you a guy who dresses like a 13-year-old?

One who's interested in stepping it up a notch?

Does your girlfriend buy your pants?

Or... are you a style guy?

Someone who has more neckties than he'd care to admit?

More shoes than your wife?

Either way... Adam Lisagor and I are planning a web series for you.

It's called "Put This On," and it's for men who want to dress like grownups. Stylish, handsome grownups.

We're funding our pilot through Kickstarter, a cool new website that makes it easy to fund projects. Here's how it works: you make a pledge. If we meet our funding goal, you pay up (automatically), and the project launches. If we fail to meet it, you don't have to pay.

Video production is expensive and time consuming, and we're trying this new model to pay our bills. I think that with your help, it'll work. And that the product will be really valuable to a lot of people.

We've got until the end of the month. Let's do it!

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