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Larry Sanders on DVD


I've spent the bulk of my non-working time the last few days devouring the DVD box set of The Larry Sanders Show. It's probably my favorite TV show, ever... brilliantly funny and powerful in every way. Some of the best acting you'll see on TV, anywhere, anytime, and some of the best writing, too.

The box set has some great extra features, as well. Among other things, you can watch Garry Shandling kick the shit out of Alec Baldwin in the boxing ring, and hear Shandling argue over jokes with Judd Apatow. Once again, the folks at Shout! Factory have come through with a wonderful collection that goes above and beyond my expectations.

If you're on the fence about buying this, come down. It's time to pull the trigger. This is pretty much the best $100 you can spend on entertainment.

Alec Baldwin Insists you NOT Donate.


In this spot recorded for our flagship station, WNYC, Television's Alec Baldwin insists that you not donate to public radio, under any circumstances.

More at WNYC.

Seriously? Alec Baldwin? For real?


Too Handsome for Radio? Yes.
Seriously, Baldwin, gimme a break.

Come ON, Studio 360. Our man Explodo goes on vacation and you sub in ALEC BALDWIN?

Listen to the show at here, or download it directly here. You can also grab their podcast in iTunes. The show also features an interview Laura Linney, about whom I won't say anything nice, because I think my wife has reached her breaking point with regards to me saying nice things about Laura Linney.

Anyway, Baldwin, don't quit your day job. Even though you're good at this job. Actually: especially because you're good at this job.

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