Roots to be Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” Band

Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th November 2008


According to this horrible-quality video shot backstage at a Roots show a couple days ago, The Roots will be retiring from touring… to become Jimmy Fallon’s band on Late Night. Now there’s one you didn’t see coming.

Edited to add ?uest’s comments on

yeah its hard to make this announcement
cause its not like we wanted to pull the heartstrings on some “this is our last tour” cause we will forever do gigs….i mean people east of chicago shouldn’t fear and im certain that on weekends we could trek to an occasional seattle or diego.

but obviously europe and abroad could miss out (then again 10 weeks off and once he gets nuff reruns under his belt could mean more gig time.)

i see the possible chance of this being a “bigger” move…but on the real? i dont know if i want to be 40 on the road and single no more. and with the kids my group has now getting older, its harder for the guys to leave more than it was when the kids were 2 and 3. and i cant even start to go on that path til a woman takes me seriously. and aint noone taking a man serious who is in his own home for only 3 months out the year. i been in my crib since 2006 and i STILL aint unpack everything yet.

i pray this show dont take the chevy road just yet. imma love my new home at 30 rock. 2 visits and im already on first name basis with the snl cats.