New milestone reward: Tabletop Hullabaloo!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 25th March 2024

Hi there!

It’s the last week of MaxFunDrive, which means it’s the last week to count towards your show’s goals and get limited edition thank-you gifts!

It also means it’s time to get a bit serious: the world of podcasts and media is out of sorts right now. Movies are being put in drawers for tax write-offs. Robots are taking artists’ jobs. We can’t fix that stuff, but we can keep doing what makes sense to us — working with fantastic creators to bring you shows that we think you’ll love.

Your ongoing support is what makes our work possible, and ensures that we can keep our little corner of a world a place where artists are free to do the work that matters to them, on their own terms. We can’t overstate how grateful we are for that.

But it is MaxFunDrive, and it is a wild year, so if there’s any time to ask, it’s now: if you’d like to increase your support, and are able to do so, either by upgrading or boosting by a dollar or two a month, now’s the best time to do it.

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New Milestone Reward: Tabletop Hullabaloo!

Alright, back to the podcast party portion of MaxFunDrive (it’s a delicate balance): we’ve got a new milestone reward! If we hit 15,000 new, boosting, and upgrading members this MaxFunDrive, we’re going to make a cross-network Tabletop Hullabaloo!

Austin Taylor (Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries) is an award-winning game narrative writer, and they’ve hopped on board to GM a special one-shot (or two-shot or three-shot) TTRPG game for MaxFun hosts. A whole bunch of hosts are game to play, and while nothing’s set in stone yet, I can say a LOT of their names begin with J. Okay, okay, I’ll just say them!

  • Jackie Kashian
  • Jordan Morris
  • Jeremy Bent
  • Janet Varney
  • Jesse Thorn
  • John Moe
  • John-Luke Roberts
  • Jriffin McElroy
  • Janolo Moreno
  • Jom Lum
  • Jaroline Roper
  • Jella Hubber
  • Jellen Weatherford

Our second week is usually our biggest and we’ve passed 7,700 at the time of sending.15,000 is more than do-able, especially if you’re able to either upgrade (and get some cool thank-you gifts), or boost your membership by a few dollars.

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Goals and events!

Shows are making steady progress towards their goals, but there’s more to unlock! Get the McElroy brothers to write and illustrate a Wiki-How article, make the Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Communion Communion Bonbon Boncon a reality, and much more!


MaxFunDrive Finale Show Livestream

A flyer for the finale show including information at the link destination

Emceed by Danielle Radford and Jordan Crucchiola, our finale show will have segments from Reading GlassesOh No, Ross and Carrie!, and Eurovangelists. Plus, a bunch of very special guests!

Once more for good measure…

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Let’s have a great last week of MaxFunDrive!

— Stacey and your friends at Maximum Fun

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