Ep 19: Go Fact Yourself with Alison Becker and Glynn Washington

Theresa Iker, Alison Becker, J. Keith Van Straaten, Glynn Washington, Helen Hong and Jason E. Hill
Alison Becker and Glynn Washington
Theresa Iker
Jason E. Hill
J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong

Glynn Washington is the host and creator of the public radio show Snap Judgment. Fun fact: He actually got his radio show started by winning a radio contest. Snap Judgment is all about “storytelling with a beat,” and, with a little help from Helen Hong, Glynn will explain why.

Alison Becker is an actress who’s perhaps best known for playing Shauna Malwae-Tweep on Parks and Recreation (people still recognize her for it to this day). She’s also the star of the Max Fun Podcast Bubble.

In this episode, we’ll learn about Glynn’s attitude towards producing quality stories, why puppets are a perfect way to combat social justice issues and Alison’s amazing moment where she made out with Jon Bon Jovi, one of her musical heroes.

What’s the difference?
What’s the difference between a “lake” and a “pond”?

What’s the difference between an “arrowsmith” and a “fletcher?”

Areas of Expertise
Glynn Washington: The original Star Trek, the New King James Bible, Michael Jackson.

Alison Becker: Divorce ranches, Seinfeld episodes, Bon Jovi.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
Glynn Washington
Alison Becker

With guest experts:
Jason E. Hill, Musician, puppeteer and former United Methodist Clergy.

Theresa Iker, teacher of history at Stanford University.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show is recorded at the Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green
David McKeever is the Live Sound Engineer.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

Judge John Hodgman Episode 82: Sort Reform and The Right Not to Bare Arms

Jonathan Coulton

TO OUR FRIENDS AND LISTENERS affected by hurricane Sandy: our thoughts and best wishes go out to you.

Judge Hodgman suggests that if you would like to assist with the relief effort for those affected by the storm, to consider a donation to the Red Cross.


A very special edition of Judge John Hodgman, recorded in front of a live audience in New York City at WNYC's Jerome L. Greene Performance Space on October 21, 2012.

This week:
Sort Reform
David brings the case against his wife Natily. The issue? LAUNDRY. When it's clean, how should it be folded and prepared to put away? David sorts it into two big piles: his and hers. Natily prefers to have her clothing sorted by article. Judge Hodgman puts them both through the wringer!

The Right Not to Bare Arms
Peter and Barbara bring their case involving parenting and medicine to the court. Barbara recently struck a bargain with their daughter at the doctor's office: if she would take her flu shot without crying, Mom and Dad would each get a flu shot, too. Peter wasn't there to weigh in on the deal and refuses to honor it. Did Barbara have the right to make this bargain, and should Peter comply?

Plus: a session of "If It Pleases the Court" with musical performances from special guest Jonathan Coulton. Check out his album Artificial Heart now, and look for his Christmas album with John Roderick this winter.

The team at the Greene Space for their help in making our live shows possible!
Dr. Elizabeth Gifford for medical expertise!
Jonathan Coulton for music based on domestic disputes!
And our live litigants, for bringing their problems before strangers!


John Hodgman, Author and Famous Minor Television Personality: A Reading from The Sound of Young America Live at WNYC

John Hodgman

Photo credit WNYC and Casey De Pont.

Friend of the show John Hodgman reads a piece written specially for our live show in New York City, entitled "16 Things to Do in Connecticut Before the Coming Total Collapse of Civilization".

One of his newest ventures is the Judge John Hodgman podcast, which you can obtain from iTunes and from this feed.

Judah Friedlander: World Champion, 30 Rock Star, Author of How To Beat Up Anybody: Interview on The Sound of Young America Live at WNYC

Judah Friedlander

Photo credit WNYC and Casey De Pont.

Judah Friedlander is a regular on NBC's 30 Rock and the author of How To Beat Up Anybody. He is the World Champion.

Judah joined us on our live show at WNYC to discuss the differences between a Yeti, a Sasquatch and a Bigfoot (and how to beat up all three). He also delineated his strategies for fighting groups of people and even groups of strippers.

When Friedlander's not beating people up, he plays writer Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock. He's had a long and successful career on stage as a standup comic, and his film roles include an acclaimed turn as the Original Nerd, Toby in "American Splendor."

Alec Baldwin Insists you NOT Donate.


In this spot recorded for our flagship station, WNYC, Television's Alec Baldwin insists that you not donate to public radio, under any circumstances.

More at WNYC.

Radiolab: Words


What a lovely video the folks at Radiolab have made to accompany their latest episode, Words. Semiotics + science + film + Radiolab = A+

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