Whitley Strieber

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 6): Alien Implants Edition


Carrie and Ross hear contactee stories involving honey, coat hangers and Christ power, and Ross sows the seeds of discord in the Q&A session. Then Ross listens to former Senator Mike Gravel talk about everything except aliens while Carrie watches investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell's forays into Area 51, cold fusion, and alien implants. Plus, a couple of scammers try to sell us cell phone protectors and we get some hot tips on busting chemtrails!

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Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 1): Blue Dwarves Edition


UFO summer is BACK, baby! We leave the Ozark Mountains, and head home to sunny southern California, where we drive deep into the Joshua Tree desert for some serious alien contact with a California hippy vibe. Contact in the Desert, a massive festival featuring presentations on extraterrestrials; alternative history; lizard people; and more, awaits. First up, we hear about the Navy's Secret Space Program, meet one of the most famous abductees in the world, and learn the secrets of the pyramids.

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