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Ross and Carrie Get In Shape (House): Sweat Sleeve Edition


Ross and Carrie pack their bones and flesh into the world's hottest sleeping bag and sweat their toxins, fat, and stress away, thanks to Shape House, "the first and only urban sweat lodge." Along with their friend Allan Amato, they strap themselves into individual infrared sauna beds, raise the temperature to mega-sweat levels, and bake out all the grody stuff built up in their disgusting, Los Angeles-infested bodies.

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Ross and Carrie Contour their Cellulite: Ionithermie Edition


While on vacation on a Love Boat themed cruise, Carrie can't pass up the latest fad taking cruisers by storm: Ionithermie cellulite contouring. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ross seeks out the same treatment - branded as BodyMelt - at a pricy local spot in Los Angeles. Will a combination of electrical currents, special oils, and dehydrated clay rid Ross and Carrie of their love handles? (Probably.)

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Ross and Carrie's Purium Transformation (Part 2): Before and After Edition


Ross and Carrie conclude their Purium diets, passing through stages of grief and losing confidence faster than pounds. One thing is for sure: Purium's staff nutritionist is here to tell you why everything that's going wrong is your fault. Plus, Carrie reads the founder's strange book, Ross eats a $9 avocado, and we send a sample off to be tested for lead. Will we die of Purium? Are we typing this from the ghost realm? Find out!

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Ross and Carrie's Purium Transformation (Part 1): Shakes and Pills Edition


Ross and Carrie try to lose a few surplus pounds with the help of a multi-level marketing company called Purium. Armed with shakes made of sea garbage, they go on a ten-day diet to purify their bodies of (you guessed it) toxins. But first, they must both become vendors of the same product they're buying. It's almost like... a triangle... but a company. What do you call that? Anyway, find out who pukes up their spirulina in our adventure with Purium.

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Adam Ruins Everything Episode 32: Kevin Hall Gives Us the Skinny - Losing Weight and Keeping it Off is Hard


It's rare to hear about a researcher from the National Institute of Health collaborating with a reality TV show. But that's exactly what Dr. Kevin Hall, a clinical researcher at the NIH, did after watching episodes of The Biggest Loser. Kevin's lab investigates how metabolism and the brain adapt in response to a variety of interventions to diet and physical activity. After watching the cast lose dramatic amounts of weight over the show's season, he wondered how that affected their long-term health.

Kevin actually visited the set of The Biggest Loser to monitor the contestants' health and six years later, he brought the former contestants to the NIH to research how their body adjusted since the competition. He found they surprisingly maintained a very low metabolic rate even though they regained most of their lost weight. So even if you have the incredible willpower to shed those pounds, it's ultimately really difficult to maintain that weight loss. What we can do is be more forgiving of ourselves and relieve some of the pressure to diet.

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Ross and Carrie Get Ripped: Flex Belt Edition

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NEW EPISODE! We try out the "Flex Belt," an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device, also known as a belt that shocks your ab muscles into flexing, thereby making you ripped and swole, or so the theory goes. Will Ross and Carrie be the new American Gladiators? (Probably not.) Listen anyway!

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Sawbones: Weight Loss


We know you've struggled shedding those last few pounds, but have you considered eating cotton balls? Pouring yourself a strong vinegar and water cocktail? ... Blue glasses? This week, Dr. Sydnee and Justin walk your through the history of dropping ellbees.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

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