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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Corin Tucker and Lance Bangs

Corin Tucker
Lance Bangs

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Sleater Kinney's Corin Tucker & filmmaker Lance Bangs On Mixing Up Marriage, Music, Movies

Corin Tucker is a rock legend. She sang and played guitar for Sleater Kinney and a bunch of other projects. These days she's also collaborating with REM's Peter Buck in the new band Filthy Friends.

Lance is a renowned director who works mostly in music videos and comedy. He’s worked with Nirvana, Odd Future, Jen Kirkman, Hannibal Buress just to name a handful. He's also been very involved with the Jackass movies and TV shows. If you've ever seen them do something on film that was so gross it made the cameraman puke that cameraman was probably Lance.

Lance and Corin tell Jesse about how they spent the last Valentine's Day and how they make their marriage and careers work after nearly two decades.

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 31 - Love for Sale. And for Rent.

Katie Chen
Anjelina Noh

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we talk to a bonafide matchmaker to find out why what she offers is better than Swiping Right. Then, in anticipation of this year’s rom-com “Isn’t it Romantic,” Paula and Adam revisit the most successful rom-com of all time, “Pretty Woman.” Does it hold up? And what, exactly, is being held up? Plus, was Paula hasty in rebranding the “tramp stamp?” Our Dutch friends tell us why we should’ve gone for “ass antlers.”


Katie Chen
Matchmaker and Co-Founder, Catch Matchmaking
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House band
Anjelina Noh, Euphonium
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