CIPYD 160: New Jobs, New Vacations, and New Alexis


We've got a wild h*ck of an epsiode with a ton of updates!

First, Surprise - Alexis is on mic now! That's right, we let the cat lady on the dog show!
Next, Allegra got a job! A dog related dog! A writing job! Everyone praise her!
What is job you may ask? Allegra explains it all!
If that wasn't enough, Renee is going on vacation! She tells us all about her plans for meeting dogs in Mexico.

We've also got an incredibly sweet My Mutt Minute from Dan & Bud, and a Listener of the Month announcement!

Don't wait, tune in now!



Hi friends! We are so excited to announce that we have a scholarship available for MaxFunCon 2018! Thank you so much to all of the generous attendees who contributed to the scholarship fund and made this possible!

The scholarship will be awarded to one individual who has a strong desire to attend MaxFunCon but is financially unable to do so. It will cover the cost of your MaxFunCon ticket, accommodations, food, drink, and activities -- but it will not cover airfare or travel to and from the event.

In order to apply for this scholarship, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have significant financial need. Specifically, it would be difficult or impossible for you to attend MaxFunCon if you did not receive a scholarship.
  • You will be able to participate in the entire weekend-long conference. MaxFunCon begins at 4 PM on Friday, June 8 and ends at 1 PM on Sunday, June 10.
  • You are able to arrange your own transportation to and from Lake Arrowhead, CA to attend MaxFunCon.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please send a short essay telling us a bit about yourself and explaining why you want to go to MaxFunCon. In particular, please describe your creative aspirations and how attending MaxFunCon might help you with your future projects. Essay instructions are as follows:

  • Email your essay to stacey@maximumfun.org
  • In the subject line of your email, please write "MaxFunCon Scholarship"
  • The essay should be included both as an attachment to your email in Microsoft Word format (or link to a Google Doc) and in the body of the email.
  • The essay must be no longer than 300 words. Essays longer than 300 words will not be read or considered.
  • Please include your phone number in the body of the email so that we can call you if needed.

Creativity is always appreciated, but please make sure your essay conforms to all the requirements outlined above in order to be considered.

  • The deadline for scholarship applications is MONDAY, APRIL 30.
  • We hope to select and notify the recipient no later than THURSDAY, MAY 3.

Thank you again to all the wonderful MaxFunCon attendees who contributed to the Scholarship Fund! And good luck to all applicants!

Thanks for a HUGE MaxFunDrive!


The 2018 MaxFunDrive (and Weekend Amnesty) has officially come to an end, and at the time of writing we are at 28,630 new and upgrading members!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! That means we not only surpassed our goal of 25,000, but hit our stretch goal of 28,000! This is absolutely amazing, and we are incredibly grateful and lucky to have kind, cool, generous members like you -- people who believe enough in what we do at MaxFun to voluntarily contribute money to keep it going. If you were able to join or upgrade this year, thank you so much! And if you are a sustaining supporter, thank you for your incredible support all this time! We couldn't do it without you!

Now that the drive is over have a couple of quick things for you:

Watch a replay of Friday's live show!

We had a true MaxFun extravaganza to celebrate the end of the drive on Friday night. We packed Angel City Brewery with hosts and MaxFun members for a two-hour ELEVEN-SHOW spectacle. It was a blast, and we know a lot of you weren't able to tune in live, so we decided to keep the video up on our YouTube channel just for you! Watch it here.

Our #MaxFunDreamDate Stretch Goal

Since we hit our stretch goal of 28,000 (thank you!), we are going to make this perfect work of graphic design a reality. More information is forthcoming -- we'll let you know when to start sitting by your Dream Phone waiting for our call.

Thank-you Gifts
If you became a monthly member at the $10 level or above for the first time during the 2018 MaxFunDrive, or if you were able to upgrade to the next membership level, we'll be sending you a gift to say thanks for taking the plunge. (Folks at the $5 level and up should already be able to dive into 100+ hours of bonus content!) We send the physical gifts to production after the drive is over, so we know how many to make, and in this case, we will be waiting until after the pin sale, as well. So, gifts probably won't go out until July, but we'll keep everyone posted on the production process. Please keep in mind that cancelling your membership or changing your membership level may affect your gift eligibility.

Pin Sale for Charity
Since we hit our goal of 25,000 new and upgrading members, we will be putting the pins on sale for all active members at the $10 level or above -- with proceeds going to charity. We are working on setting up the shop for you, but it will take a little bit of time. If you are eligible to buy a pin, we'll be sending you an email in the coming week(s), and once we're ready to go, we will be shouting it from the rooftops* so you won't miss it.
*everywhere MaxFun exists on the internet

Thank you again for a tremendous MaxFunDrive!

Ross and Carrie Do It Over (Part 1): Burnt Foot Edition


After almost seven years of the show, Ross and Carrie take a step back and look at their favorite (and least favorite) investigations. They update you on such classics as the Mormons, Scientology, Tony Alamo, Laughter Yoga, and firewalking, and make amends with the late B.F. Skinner. Join us for a rare update episode!

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