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Episode 67: Comedian Adam Stone of Stone & Stone! A Stone Alone!

Adam Stone

Episode 67 of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is here with guns blazing as I sit down with Adam Stone, one of half of the twin-based comedic duo Stone and Stone, to talk about what it's like to be a Stone alone, death, what it's like to be a 65 year-old man trapped in a 30 year-old man's body, the mysterious box of sex toys that showed up at my home shortly before his arrival, threesomes, what is was like meeting Tom Cruise, and about 500 other topics most people can't even handle. I also talk about why you should totally donate to the MaxFunDrive, which is totally happening right now (Go to to make it happen!), answer questions from you, the sexy, sexy listener, check in with my secretary Shaina Feinberg, and hand Ian Ball the reins as he brings it on home with his hot Hot Jamz. For more information on this podcast and other Dave-related topics, please visit my website at and follow me on Twitter at @mrdavehill. Thanks so much. You are the best and I mean it.


Dave Hill

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