State of the Gay Leather Scene

Minority Korner 88: Summer Skool in Session... But Not Jeff Sessions (Medicare, GLOW, Bidets, State of the Gay Leather Scene, Frosted Tips, LGBT Travel, Britney Spears, Maxine Waters, 4:44)

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Summer Skool is in session! But not Jeff Sessions- fuck that guy! The Wonder Twins of Podcasting are still talking about the 4th of July, and trying to come up with the lyrics of Stars and Stripes for Ever. Get ready to learn about the game that is changing dominoes forever: Hollywood Dominoes! And what happened when James had a showdown with his Aunties at the 4th of July: a star was born! ... again. Nnekay weighs in about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. And it's Nnekay vs. James in the debate about Bidets... we've been waiting for this! It is the Minority Korner Summer Skool Spectacular Session Quizlet! We hope Nnekay studied: What city is home to the largest Book Fair in the U.S.? Hint it's a place you might want to book for your summer travels- it's a hot place to be LGBT! Are frosted tips making a comeback? Is the gay leather scene dead? Who prefers their mens hairy or hairless, Ladies or Gays? Iggy Azealia & Azealia Banks united together! Then Nnekay walks us through Medicare and what it really is, how it relates to race and gender and what we can do to protect it. Also Jay-Z's 4:44! It's time to get crazy!

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