The Greatest Discovery

The Greatest Discovery Ep 65: Geodesic Gimp Mask (Short Treks: Ask Not)


When the shortest of Short Treks explodes on impact, it's time for cadets to trust their guts. But when Thira Sidhu has a choice to trust her Captain or her gut; She must take 5 minutes to raise a phaser or unlock the shackles. Will the tests be more elaborate in Disco season 3? How big is engineering, really? Is Anson Mount going to be in the final Tarantino film?

It's the episode that let's you bring note cards to the test!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 64: Greatest Hot Chicken


When Adam and Ben are between short treks—and between cities—they must venture into a vaguely familiar universe to continue the Disco Story. But when your hosts find out that Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath is in 3 parts, it’s time to put on the white gloves and read two issues! Will we hear from all of our dedicated Klingons in season 3? What else happened before the season 2 button? Will aspects of this comic make it to the small screen?

It’s the episode that’s a real page turner and Gagh eater!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 63: A Very Thick Ankylosaur (Short Treks: The Trouble with Edward)


When Capt. Lynne Lucero takes command of the USS. Cabot she’s ready to take the universe by ion-storm. But after an introductory round table meeting, she learns one of her science officers—Edward Larkin—may be less of a scientist and more of a ball of meat. Will Larkin’s Tribble theory help feed the hungry? Do we ever find out who’s dumb? Can we please get some Trek PJs in the online store?

It’s the episode that gives you two Benjamins and a hell of a lot of Atoms.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 62: Suppress Your Freaky


When Spock boldly beams onto Pike's enterprise as an ensign he's met by Number 1, an iPad, and a task to ask lots of questions. But when a turbolift malfunction traps the two for what seems like hours, it's time to take a seat then sing some songs. Will Spock and Number 1 drive each other mad? Does the turbolift tune-up get rid of the handle? Where are the cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse?

It's the episode that traps you in a box and then gives you a sense of awe.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 61: Stepping on a Ketchup Packet (TOS S2E13)


When Kirk & co. are headed to Deep Space K-7 to help with a disputed planet, the calm crew don't have a care in the universe. But when the politics get a little dirty, they must break bread—and fists—with Klingons. Is Arne Darvin who he claims to be? Will the Tribbles continue to thrive? Do creature prices vary by size?

It's the episode that fluxes temporally while battling internally.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 60: Hard Pipin' It (#AskTGD)


When episode 60 of The Greatest Discovery approaches, Ben and Adam are at a loss for what to do. But when a Hashtag opens the communication spore drive, it's time to spin the wheel and gear up for a black alert. Will there be dog questions? Are Game of Butt-Holes spoilers cannon in TGD? Who's the Anson Mount of this podcast?

It's the episode that answers your questions, but on a trial basis.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 59: One Chop Chump (TOS S2E12)


When a hunky new crewman reroutes the current path, the Enterprise recalculate the logic of their mission. But when it turns out Harry Mudd and his army of Robo-people are behind this, it's time to stand-up to temptation and throw out some insane requests. Will Mudd ever feel like settling down? Are there more glowing orbs on the ship? Will Discovery season three provide androids like this?

It's the episode that gives us Mudd, and leaves us searching for more.

The Greatest Discover Ep 58: Structure Brings Freedom with Anson Mount


When faced with a crucial dilemma—another hoof or find Nechayev's table— Adam and Ben split up at Star Trek Las Vegas. But when producer extraordinaire Robs presents a third option, your hosts bee-line it to the production area and take a quick break with an actor who knows his craft. Can Anson Mount answer the questions with no prep time? Do time crystals come into play? How many other Trek actors were listening in on this interview?

It's the episode that takes you behind the scenes, and behind the convention!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 57: Ketracel Thicc with J.K. Woodward


When Ben and Adam take a trip to the city of sin to infiltrate Big Rod's Star Trek Vegas, they only have a small idea of what was in store for them. But when greeted almost immediately by the talented J.K. Woodward it's time to grab a hoof and record some pod. What updates to the Mirror Universe can J.K. tell us? How many Vulcans fit in a swimming pool? Is anyone in the building participating in jamaharon or just craps?

It's the episode that keeps the lights on 24 hours a day!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 56: Deus Ex Mendez (TOS S1E13)


When #SDCC falls in the middle of the TGD recap of The Menagerie, it's time to switch things up and mind-control the release dates. Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks and Disco season 3 in the near future it's time to talk trek, both old and new. Did Adam receive insider info while in San Diego? Can one podcast feed fit three shows? Where is Admiral Mendez now?

It's the episode that releases the info to the masses!

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