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MK202: We in a Cold Civil War (American Son, 2019 Elections, Buffy/Charmed, Black Lives STILL Matter, The Maribel Sisters, T.I., Jock Straps, If You Seek Amy)

Minority Korner
Glory Mora

We're joined this week by friend of the podcast, New York comedian Glory Mora! Election day just happened and we talk about all the exciting things happening, and why ya’ll need to mark your calendar for every 1st Tuesday in Nov: go VOTE! Big wins for Queer candidates. James almost dies... AGAIN... from a peanut allergy attack- thanks healthcare system. Is it okay that he used that excuse to get out of things for the next week? Also TI seems to know way too much about his daughter’s hymen- Glory has notes male patriarchy. We both watched American Son, starring Kerry Washington, was on Broadway, now on Netflix for the whole world to see tackling issues on race, police shootings of unarmed Black men and the debate is on! Is it good! Is it effective? Should you watch it? Is Kerry Washington just being Olivia Pope? That segues into our first Korner where James takes a look at since Ferguson, the Michael Brown shooting four years ago, have things changed, are police killing less unarmed Black men, and if not why isn’t the media talking about it? Glory gives us some Dominican History celebrating three Latina activist who changed history: the Mirabel Sisters. Plus James has PSA announcement about jock straps. Glory and James continue to try to name tunes- they're not good at it. 



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