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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 27: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Dr. David Rosenberg
Marc Weiss
Eric Kalver

Paula has an audition coming up, so it’s fitting that we’re looking into Looking Good and Feeling Good. First, plastic surgeon Dr. David Rosenberg explains what it takes to take away a tattoo - how do you get that anchor removed from your bulging forearm before you apply for that job at the spinach factory. Then, therapist Marc Weiss explains how to cope with anxiety, and how Paula can conquer it before her audition. Also - hot sauce! Is “El Diablo” actually the work of the Devil?

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Eric Kalver, drums

Dr. David Rosenberg
Board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills
Facebook: @rosenberg.plastics
Instagram: @rosenberg_plastics

Marc Weiss
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pasadena and Toluca Lake
Facebook: @mwmft
Twitter: @marc_weiss_LMFT

Eric Kalver
Website: Eric Kalver
Facebook: @erickalvermusic
Twitter: @Ewic
Instagram: @ewicdwums


Minority Korner 73: The Max Fun Drive, Starring JamKay as 2 Floppy Titties! (W/Special Guest Ashley Nicole Black, Full Frontal, Biphobia, African American Genealogy, Oprah, Santa, Nancy Drew,Panic Attacks, THWIP)

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Minority Korner
Ashley Nicole Black

It's Minority Korner's first Maximum Fun Drive, so get ready to get wet, and make it rain! We are pulling out all the stops... all of them... there are no more left, as it is full speed ahead! But first James shares something very serious with Nnekay, and by default you the listeners as we unpack panic attacks, and the power of knowing what a problem is so you can confront it. James had a very heartwarming, Oprah style, empowering korner lined up, but then Queerty came up with 5 ways you might be Biphobic, and it is time to discuss. Are you Biphobic? Nnekay is tackling this week's 'Ask Minority Korner Anything' and is going to help one of the korner kids, and Black listeners everywhere, trace their genealogy using her sexy librarian prowess. And headlining this episode we have Ashley Nicole Black, writer and correspondent on "Full Frontal w/Samantha Bee" in the first of a 3 part interview series (though the final part is only available to listeners who donate and subscribe to Maximum Fun). Ashley talks to us about all kinds of things from Shonda Rhimes, to racism in Chicago, and we begin to chart her journey to 'Full Frontal'. Plus random things like Nnekay's love for Boxcar children, was Nancy Drew really lurking? Is Santa Real? Did Jennifer Hudson (AKA J-hud) drop by the Korner? Find out! As these two floppy titties get you hyped and ready to donate for the Maximum Fun Drive!

5 Signs Your Biphobic:

Map Your Genealogy:

One Bad Mother Episode 104: Anxiety, plus guest Kate Casey

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One Bad Mother
Kate Casey

Biz and Theresa admit to all the things that keep us up at night and share our tricks for coping when our minds want to go off the deep end. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you don't already suffer from crippling anxiety, you might after hearing this incredibly graphic show! Plus, Biz’s toddler is SO negative, Theresa has great bedside manner and we talk with humor writer and author Kate Casey about her new book You Know You Are Pregnant When, Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There.

You Know You Are Pregnant When...: Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There

This Saturday, May 9th is One Bad Mother's Day! Join us in a city near you!

Share your genius and fail moments! Call 206-350-9485

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