Jonah Raydio Episode 113; Georgia Hardstark

Jonah Raydio
Georgia Hardstark

Episode 113 - Hardstarkin’

Our Max Fun debut means better sound quality, friendship stories and one of the reigning Queens of Murder Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder. We talk our new home, her meteoric rise through the podcasting charts, Queer Eye, Everthing is Terrible and Neil has the soundboard back!


The Good Graces- Summer of ’93

Answering Machine- Nosejob

Moon Gloom- Weave/Copy

PAWS- Empire State(Studio)

Madonna Inn

Silence- The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing Part 1

Turf War- Some Run Wild

Giant Drag- This Isn’t It

Episode 65: Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream's Doug Quint

Episode 65 is here and most people can't even handle it probably! This time around, pull your loved ones close as I sit down with Big Gay Ice Cream's Doug Quint in the basement/murder hole of their West Village shop to discuss topics including but not limited to ice cream (I mean, c'mon- it would have been weird not to) his dark past as a classically trained musician, the lactose intolerance of the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt, the inevitable breakup of Motley Crue, the oboe, those bassoon-playing bastards, whether I will ever amount to anything, and much, much more. I also answer extremely important listener questions, check in with my secretary Shaina Feinberg, and pass the baton to Ian Ball as he delivers hit hot Hot Jamz from London once again. For more information this podcast and oher Dave-related stuff, please visit my website at and follow me on Twitter at @mrdavehill. Okay- those are my demands.

Dave Hill

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