MaxFunDrive 2017: WEEK TWO IS ON!


As the second week of the 2017 MaxFunDrive dawns (on the West Coast of the US, at least), we're sitting at 14,710 new and upgrading members, which is wild - thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has already contributed! Here's a few quick things to keep in mind as you're gearing up for your week:

Or W2:D1BC for short (This is the year of acronyms. What can we say?). A generous MaxFunster who has been a listener from the very beginning (since Jesse and Jordan started putting The Sound Of Young America out on a podcast feed!) has issued a special challenge, for today only. He's pledged $2.50 for each new and upgrading member who acts today, up to 800 members! The count starts at 12:30 PM PT and ends at 11:59 PM PT. It's an extra special day to become a MaxFun member - if you've been on the fence, come on down and join! And thank you, generous mystery MaxFunster!

Make a new friend (or several) at your local MaxFun meetup! These listener-hosted gatherings are happening all around the world tomorrow, March 28th at 7:00 PM local time. To find your local meetup, just check out this page. If your area isn't represented, there's still time to make it on to the list! Just pick a place, email, and she'll help you out.

The chicanery continues as The Greatest Generation's Benjamin Ahr Harrison showed up at listener Vanessa's home with a big ol' bouquet of flowers and a heart full of GRATITUDE. We wish we could do the same for every single one of you, but until transporters and replicators are real, we have to settle with the members in these videos as an audience surrogate.

This Friday, at 7:00 PM PDT, we'll be ending the 2017 MaxFunDrive in a grand and festive fashion: with a livestream of some of our favorite LA-based MaxFun shows! Set yourself a calendar reminder, and check for details once Friday rolls around, because you won't want to miss this!

Y:L@TA2:L@TGCW/OY is still up in the air! Help us get to 20,000 and upgrading members, and we'll pull off the greatest podcast experiment of all time: a live podcast taping at The Grand Canyon. I've been there, and it delivers. Can you imagine how amazing it would be with PODCASTING? Help us reach our stretch goal, and elevate podcasting to the art form we always knew it could be by

MaxFunDrive 2017: Day 5 Update! GOAL? SMASHED! Can we hit 20k?


It's only Day 5 of the 2017 MaxFunDrive, and we've already DESTROYED our goal of 10,000 new and upgrading monthly members! We're so thankful to everyone who already stepped up and joined or upgraded their membership during the drive. This is, by far, our most successful year yet, and we're amazed and humbled by your support. Thank you!

Saying "hey, thanks," is (always) priority one, but we wanted to give you a couple of quick updates, too, since we've passed such a major milestone!


Maximum Fun is proud to announce our most astonishing MaxFunDrive event ever:
Yanni: Live at the Acropolis 2:
Live at the Grand Canyon Without Yanni

If we hit our stretch goal of twenty thousand new and upgrading donors, we will stage history's greatest podcast spectacular: a live podcast taping at the Grand Canyon. In the shadow of nature's grandeur, MaxFun hosts Erin Gibson, Travis McElroy, Jesse Thorn and Stuart Wellington will jape and jibe, to the delight of a live audience.

All will be welcome to attend this epochal podcasting event, but five lucky individuals will be able to do so in true MaxFun style: every MaxFun supporter will be entered into a drawing to win one of five dream trips to the show, including a luxury bus ticket and two-star accommodations at the Motel Six in Williams, Arizona. To top it all off, each winner will also receive a complimentary burro rental for the arduous journey through the canyon.

You can find full details about Y: L@tA2:L@tGCWY at

One of the most amazing things about our listeners is you are scattered all around the world. A friend in every corner of the globe! One of the biggest bummers about our listeners is, with you all scattered around the world and in every corner of the globe, it's basically impossible to look every single one of you in the eye and express our gratitude in person.

We recently got the chance to meet some amazing LA MaxFun members in person. By being just a teeny bit duplicitous, we were able to surprise them with some of their favorite MaxFun hosts and were able to convey (face-to-face) the message we want to share with all of you: thanks. We showed you Jesse meeting Lydia on Monday, and on Wednesday, we posted Pop Rocket's Guy Branum and Karen Tongson meeting Amelia. Today, watch Ross and Carrie meet Deven! Keep an eye out for more of these as the pledge drive continues!

Don't forget! MaxFun Meetup Day is next Tuesday, March 28th at 7:00 PM local time! You can see all of the meetups already on the agenda here. If your area isn't represented yet, don't fret! Just pick a place, email with that location, and we'll add it to the list. If you're worried about a low turnout, invite a couple of friends. Worst case scenario, it turns into a lowkey friend hang, which is still PRETTY GREAT in our book.

If you've been thinking about taking the plunge to become a $100 monthly member, two of MaxFun's long-standing, generous supporters want to encourage you. Together, they have pledged $100 for each of the first 12 new or upgrading members who join at the Golden Eagle tier during the drive. Now, $100 per month is a huge ask, and we know this offer won't speak to all of our listeners. But if the thought of soaring with the Golden Eagles was already swimming through your head, this is a great way to make a huge impact on our organization, support the shows you love in a major way, and make your contribution go even further. A gigantic thank you to those generous donors for introducing this challenge!

To new, upgrading, and ongoing monthly members -- thank you! Your support makes the shows you love possible, and we are so grateful to you for that.

If you haven't become a member yet, why not knock it out now so you can enjoy the rest of the drive? Join now at just $5 per month to support your favorite podcasts and get us closer to our weird National Park party!

One Bad Mother Episode 197: Kids Express With Their Dress, plus Corin Tucker

One Bad Mother

This week on One Bad Mother, in honor MaxFunDrive, Biz travels to the past to talk to to still pregnant Theresa about how much they should care about how their kid’s express themselves through their clothes. The answer turns out to be “not a lot” but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bumpy road to get there and acceptance that the road will go on forever….with more bumps. Plus Corin Tucker joins us to talk about “mom cool,” feminism post kids and the importance of supporting each other.

Plus it is #MaxFunDrive! This is the best time to support One Bad Mother by becoming a new or upgrading member of Maximum Fun! We can’t make this show without you. Thank you.

Corin Tucker
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MaxFunDrive 2017: Day 1 Update!


THE MAXFUNDRIVE STARTS TODAY, Monday, March 20th, and ends on March 31st. It’s the best time of year to become a member (or upgrade your existing membership), and we've put together some incredible, MaxFunDrive-exclusive thank-you gifts to show our appreciation. Plus, isn't it just fun to be a part of a thing?

We think so. And we hope you think so, too because we need your help. We've set our highest goal yet: 10,000 new or upgrading members. 10,000! That's exactly DOUBLE our goal from last year! But we know we can do it. Well, we know YOU can do it.


1. Tune in to all your favorite shows (and some new ones!) during the next two weeks. Your favorite hosts will tell you all the exciting stuff about MaxFunDrive!

2. Head over to and become a new member or upgrade your current membership! You can do that now. Like, right now. Open that link in a new tab, so you won't even lose your place. Go ahead. Here, I'll put a big note saying THIS IS WHERE YOU START READING AGAIN WHEN YOU'RE DONE. Back? Excellent. Now that you've done that, you're free to spend the rest of the MaxFunDrive tweeting about how great everyone at MaxFun thinks you are (because we really do).


Well, we’ve been working hard to figure out the best way to show our massive appreciation, and we've come up with some tremendous thank-you gifts that you simply can't get anywhere else. If you become a member for the first time, or if you upgrade your existing membership to the next tier, you'll get some seriously cool stuff.
- For $5 a month you’ll get continuous access to 100+ hours of bonus content from all of your favorite shows.
- $10 a month will get you your choice of THE COOLEST enamel pins. Megan Lynn Kott designed a unique pin for each of your favorite shows, and, frankly, they're spectacular.
- If you sign up at $20 a month, you'll get our Keep in Touch Kit. Everyone needs a little extra love and support now and then, and our KIT Kit provides everything you need to KIT the old-school way: amazing notecards designed by Brian Fernandes; a 4-color MaxFun rocket pen; a custom rocket-shaped, pencil shavings-scented candle crafted by Erica Huff, and pretty much the greatest self-inking stamp there is to help spread love and friendship the MaxFun way!
- AND MORE! Check out the blog post for the complete line-up!


We have seen the sentiment A LOT, and we feel you. Megan did an almost unbelievable job on these, and they're so dang collectible, it doesn't seem right to make you choose. So here's the deal: if you are eligible for a pin (you join at or upgrade to a $10+ per month membership during the drive), we'll give you the chance to buy more pins after the drive ends. And we're not lining our pockets with that money -- we'll donate the profits to charity. The single best way to support your favorite MaxFun shows remains joining as a monthly member or upgrading your membership. We just realized we can't choose our favorite, and we didn't want you to have to, either.


First off: thank you! We so appreciate your support and membership. You literally keep the lights on around here. And we don't want to leave you out. If we reach our goal of 10,000 new and upgrading members, we'll give every $10+ monthly member the chance to buy pins after the drive ends. As with purchases from new and upgrading members, all profits will go to charity. This is sort of unheard of, but our goal is sort of unheard of, too. So help us get there by urging your friends who are loyal listeners to join at just $5 per month.


That's fair. Check out to find out more about the donation levels and MaxFunDrive-exclusive thank-you gifts.

Finally, over the past few weeks, we had the awesome privilege of being able to thank some of our members in person. We wish we could do the same for all of you. But for now, please check out the first of this series, and know that we feel truly honored and humbled that you believe so much in what we do. The first day isn't over and we're already at over 2,500 new and upgrading members, and that wouldn't be possible without you! Thank you!

MaxFunDrive 2017 Gifts!


The 2017 MaxFunDrive is fast approaching (it starts this Monday, March 20th, in fact!). What is the MaxFunDrive? It's the best time to show your support for your favorite MaxFun shows by becoming a monthly member or upgrading your monthly membership. It's also the time of year when we really up our ante in terms of delivering truly excellent content. And you know what else?

It's when we offer the best, most excellent and exciting gifts. And I think we really outdid ourselves this year.

To be eligible for these gifts, simply sign up as a new MaxFun member or upgrade your existing MaxFun membership between March 20th and March 31st. Bam! AND these gifts are cumulative, so you'll get everything at the level you join at or upgrade to, PLUS everything below that level. Here's what we have for you this year:

If you start or upgrade to a $200 monthly membership, we'll cover your MaxFunCon 2018 registration. That's right -- everything you need to have the best weekend of your life in Lake Arrowhead, California is on us: food, lodging, entertainment, drinks, and swag. Basically, get yourself there, and we'll take care of the rest.

Get that MaxFunCon 2018 registration, plus everything below!

Let's say you join as a $100 monthly member, or upgrade your existing membership to $100 per month. You get a spot in MaxFun's exclusive culture club: the Inner Circle. Each month for the next 12 months, we reach out to a MaxFun host for a piece of culture (movie, book, or album) that they think our members will love. We send it to you in the mail (or over email for digital downloads) along with a note explaining why our host picked it. Never run out of cool culture again.

Join The Inner Circle, and get a hand-picked selection sent to you each month! Plus everything below!

We decided to keep with the glassware tradition for our new and upgrading $35 plus monthly members. This year we are so excited for this pair of quality glass beer mugs, engraved with the classic Maximum Fun rocket ship! Gone are your days of serving beer to your friends in cans and bottles! You will be able to class AND chill up your act with these great mugs. They'll even hold non-beer beverages! Cheers to MaxFun and friendship!

Get a pair of rocket-engraved mugs, plus everything below!

Remember how good it feels to get a handwritten card in the mail? We’re here to help you spread that feeling! For our new and upgrading $20 plus monthly members, we’ve put together a really special Keep In Touch Kit. In the KIT Kit, you’ll get a set of Max Fun note cards, designed by our own Brian "Sunny D" Fernandes; a self-inking stamp that is sure to lift your friends’ spirits; a four-color rocket pen; and, to put you in a cozy and nostalgic mood while crafting your notes, MaxFun's official candlemaker, Erica Huff, created a rocket-shaped, pencil-shaving-scented candle. Let’s bring back that good old fashioned correspondence!

Get the Keep in Touch Kit, plus everything below!

We can’t even describe how excited we are for what we have in store for folks who join at or upgrade to $10 per month. But we'll give it a shot. The inimitable Megan Lynn Kott has once again DELIVERED in designing this year’s gift: drive-exclusive enamel pins, with a design for each show! Check out the designs, choose which pin you want, and flaunt your love for your favorite MaxFun show. Put it on your hoodie, backpack, tote bag, denim jacket, or whatever article of clothing you're wearing! Stick it in your cork board! Keep it in your pocket, and pull it out if someone questions your podcast bona fides. What a fool that person was to doubt you!

Get a MaxFun enamel pin, plus the bonus content!

Finally, everyone who gives at least $5 per month gets access to our treasure trove of bonus content. We're talking over 110 hours of extra episodes, outtakes, pilots, videos, Q&As, and all manner of sweet, sweet bonus goodness. Just for you, dear MaxFun member. It's our most popular gift for a reason, so join now, and start listening!

Are you tempted? Support your favorite MaxFun shows and get some amazing gifts in the process -- go to to join or upgrade during the drive!

Questions about gifts or memberships? Email

Thank you to Brian Fernandes for these beautiful images!

And thank YOU for listening and supporting!

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