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Who Shot Ya? Episode 109: 'Judy' with The Incomparable Louis Virtel

Who Shot Ya?
Louis Virtel


We're bringing in the big guns for this episode. We're talking Judy this week so it was vital that we get the one and only Louis Virtel on the program. We're also discussing the films we wish were on the Criterion Collection. And, as always, we've got staff picks.

In news, the Lucy in the Sky cast discusses "diapergate" and Beverly Hills Cop 4 is in the works.

Staff Picks:

Ify - Candyman
Drea - The Death of Dick Long
Alonso - Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice
Louis - Margin Call

With Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, and Louis Virtel.

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Pop Rocket Ep. 195 A Star is Born

Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Margaret Wappler
Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh
Karen Tongson

This week gay America received so much, but in particular, A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who also directed the movie. Guy, Wynter, Karen & Margaret--aka the full panel--got a chance to watch, cry, and be torn apart by the story of a lady who gained the world, but lost the man that she loves.

On this episode, we go over the history of this film and all the remakes, share predictions on whether The Academy will hand out statues to Lady Gaga and/or Bradley Cooper, or if they'll have to settle for the less-prestigious adulation from foreign journalists. Plus, Karen pushes back on Sam Adams's Slate article, which argues that "the movie's battle between rock and pop, authenticity and artifice, and art and commerce is outdated at best."

All Abouts

Wynter is all about the new Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis and the kerfuffle over Curtis's views on gun ownership on Fox News.

Karen is all about NBC's new primetime airplane sci-fi thriller, Manifest.

Margaret is all about the Twitter beef between Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks over rapper Ye formerly known as Kanye West's MAGA-ness.

Guy is all about Katmai National Park & Preserve's Fat Bear Week competition.

That's My Jam

Karen - Barbara Streisand - Evergreen (Love Theme from "A Star is Born" 1976)

Wynter - Lady Gaga - Why Did You Do That? (A Star is Born Soundtrack)

Margaret - Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Guy - Cher - Waterloo

With Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh, and Margaret Wappler.

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