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One Bad Mother Episode 14: Don't Say Mommy Brain, with guest Anne Kreamer

One Bad Mother
Anne Kreamer

Biz and Theresa speak with author Anne Kreamer about the science of emotions in the workplace and what happens to our brains after having a baby. And we decide that moms have SUPERBRAINS.

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It's Always Personal: Navigating Emotion in the New Workplace, By Anne Kreamer
Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters, By Anne Kreamer
Anne's blog, Make Life Work
Follow Anne Kreamer @AnneKreamer on Twitter

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Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (
Mom Song, Adira Amran, Hot Jams For Teens (, available on iTunes)
Telephone, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans ( and available on iTunes)

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