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Who Shot Ya? Episode 114: 'Terminator: Dark Fate' with Cecil Castellucci

Who Shot Ya?
Cecil Castellucci

Terminator: Dark Fate

Today we are so lucky to be joined by novelist and Eisner nominated comic book writer, Cecil Castellucci. She and the crew discuss the underseen and underrated Terminator: Dark Fate. The gang also talks about the magic of movies that are set all in one night. Plus, we get another piping hot serving of Alonso's 'Christmas Zaddy Christmas Movie Minute.' And, as always, staff picks.

In news, Roland Emmerich regrets making Independence Day: Resurgence, Nigeria's first film submission to the Academy Awards gets disqualified, James Dean is posthumously cast in a new film.

Staff Picks:

Ify - Watchmen
Drea - Honey Boy
Alonso - Man Made
Cecil - Booksmart

With Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, and Cecil Castellucci.

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum

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Photo:Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Jeff Goldblum on his new film The Mountain, acting and fatherhood.

No matter what your age, chances are you grew up with Jeff Goldblum somewhere in your life. Jeff has been turning in classic film and TV performances for over four decades. There was that time he and his alien buddies set course for planet Earth, based solely on the hunch that there might be babes there. Then, there was the time he teamed up with the Fresh Prince to help the Earth defend itself from a swarm of aggressive aliens who destroyed the White House. And who could forget about that time he accidentally turned himself into the BrundleFly? Truly iconic! It's hard for us to pick our favorite Jeff performance. He's been consistently good for so long we kind of take it for granted.

Jeff made his film debut in the 1974 revenge fantasy Death Wish where he played "Freak #1." Since then, his name has become synonymous with charismatic performances and a unique line delivery that is second to none.

Jeff joins us to talk about his new film The Mountain. It's a haunting look back at the mental health field during the 1950s. He plays Wallace Fiennes, a doctor touring the US touting the benefits of the transorbital lobotomy. Despite evidence to the contrary and more effective treatment options becoming available, his character continues to perform the dangerous and controversial procedure. Although the film deals with some dark themes, Jeff's Dr. Fiennes is electric on screen.

He'll also talk to us about his work on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, how using the Meisner technique helped improve both his acting as well as his interpersonal relationships and his latest role as a father of two boys. Plus, he'll tell us how aggravating an infamously grumpy director prompted some of the greatest acting advice he's ever received.

When he's not working on screen Jeff can be heard making wonderful jazz music with his backing band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. If you live in Los Angeles, you can seen them play live at The Rockwell in the Loz Feliz neighborhood. If you're not in LA, you can check out their latest album here.

The Mountain is now playing in selected theaters nationwide.

Time To Tu La Lu! (Black Women Running The Courts, Black Folks and the 4th of July, Jurassic Park, Black Lives Matter)

Minority Korner

The Wonder Twins are still having summer time fun in the Bay Area! James watched Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom and he has THOUGHTS. Meanwhile Nnekay is reminiscing about how amazing the original Jurassic Park was. Next up is the PBS documentary, Whoes Streets, which follows the intimate lives of those involved in the Ferguson Uprising. This spurs a lively discussion on why Blue Lives Matter is ridiculous and what the true meaning of Black Lives Matters is. In Nnekay's Korner to talks about South Fulton, Georgia's municipal courts and the black women running the show and the impact it has on the community. James decides to enlighten us to the truth of Black Folks and the Fourth of July, you betta get ready to Tu La Lu, and find out why black people we so excited to celebrate in the south.


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Throwing Shade Ep. 37 - Frank Ocean, 4th of July, Women Can't Have It All, Turkey


Claude have mercy, it's hot! And not just outside, Bryan's been making roasted turkey and chili and hot water all week! Lots of other things happened this week - Katie got Suri, Frank Ocean came out the closet, and Erin read an article in the Atlantic that was really long about how women can't have it all. Baby, you're a firework! 

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