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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 43: Pets, Landlords, and Where You Stand with Them

Ignacio Walker
Chancela Al-Mansour
Aedan MacDonnell

Paula can’t get a decent video of her cats, so we take a very big stick to this very small problem: Wildlife cinematographer Ignacio Walker, fresh off a job with Netflix’ “Our Planet” drops by to offer his tips. Then: We’ve explored Paula’s house, from her bees to her mold, but we haven’t explored her rights..Chancela Al-Mansour from the Housing Rights Center lets us know where Paula stands. Also, do Hawaiian Chips really transport you to an island paradise, as they claim? We eat the chip to see if we get the trip.

Ignacio Walker
Cinematographer and Wildlife Cinematographer
Website: ignaciowalker.com
IG: @primowalker
FB: @primowalkercine
Twitter: @primowalker

Chancela Al-Mansour
Executive Director, Housing Rights Center
Website: housingrightscenter.org
Twitter: @hrc_la

House band
Aedan MacDonnell, Celtic harp
Website: harpmuse.com
FB: @aedanmacdonnell
YouTube: Aedan MacDonnell

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