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The Internets Celebrities Hit The Grid


The Internets Celebrities were my Greatest Thing Ever for one of the last new episodes of The Grid. Love those guys.

If you're wondering: I got a sneak peak at an awesome web series they're working on, and I'm super excited about it.

Thank you, Based God!


The IFC show I host, The Grid, is wrapping up in a few weeks, but not before I managed to squeeze this little gem onto the air. A tribute to The Cooking Dance, as created by Lil B. Thank you, Based God!

Molecular Gastronomy on The Grid


I liked this segment we did for The Grid because I got to:
A) Act dumb.
B) Use a rubber lobster.

That's sort of how I judge these things.

The actual molecular gastronomy kit seemed kind of cool, though the packets of crazy chemicals all looked exactly the same, which gave me pause.

Anyway, The Grid: Thursdays at 7:45 on IFC.

Fela Kuti Re-Issues from Knitting Factory


Another segment from The Grid: a little piece I wrote recommending Knitting Factory's re-issues of some of Fela Kuti's amazing mid-70s albums. Some cool archival footage in there of Fela, too.

Tim League on The Grid


I had the chance to talk with Tim League, the founder of the Alamo Draft House, the legendary theater in Texas - and its film distribution wing, which distributed Four Lions. Here's the clip, from The Grid - you can check out more videos on the show's site, including pieces by Jordan Morris. You can also watch it Thursdays at 7:45 on IFC.

Gamer Grub with Jordan on The Grid


In case you've been living UNDER A ROCK, I've been hosting an IFC show called The Grid, and Jordan has been a regular contributor. Above, one of his great segments, on a very sad product called Gamer Grub.

Watch! Thursdays, 7:45 PM Eastern / 4:45 Pacific.

Jesse and Jordan on The Grid: The Wild & Wonderful Whites and The Boobs & Blood Film Festival


As some might know, I've been hosting the show "The Grid," which airs Thursdays at 7:45 Eastern / 4:45 Pacific on IFC. Above, you can check out an interview I did there with Julian Nitzberg, the director of "The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia," a terrifying documentary about a completely out-of-control family of party animal grifters. That's also kind of amusing. And amazing. And definitely tough to describe.

Below: Jordan's first piece for the show. He covered the "Boobs & Blood Film Festival," which celebrates exploitation movies of all kinds.

Me on IFC's The Grid


The kind folks at IFC have invited me to contribute to a new show called The Grid. They call it "informative entertainment for the short attention span set." Essentially, it's pop culture picks from a variety of folks... myself included. The show premiers tonight at 7:45 Eastern on IFC, but you can see my first segment above. Unlike some people, I'm not a seasoned TV veteran, but I really enjoyed the experience. From what I understand, you can look forward to regular contributions from yours truly in the coming weeks.

My special thanks, by the way, to the MaxFunsters who helped me pick videos via the forum and Twitter!

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