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Paul Provenza, Comedian and Host of "The Green Room": Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Paul Provenza

Paul Provenza is a veteran stand up comic and actor, but he's also ventured into documenting the world of comedy at large. He's collected interviews with comedians in his book Satiristas: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians and explored the variations of a very dirty joke while directing the film The Aristocrats.

He currently hosts Showtime's The Green Room with Paul Provenza, which seeks to re-create the feeling of being behind the scenes with some of the most celebrated comedians of our time, including Marc Maron, Garry Shandling, Margaret Cho, and Judd Apatow. The show has just entered its second season; you can see it Thursday nights at 11pm.

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JESSE THORN: It's The Sound of Young America, I'm Jesse Thorn. My guest on the show is the veteran stand up comedian Paul Provenza. He's been doing comedy for some 20-odd years, and he also has a second career as a sort of chronicler and celebrator of comedy. He co-wrote a book called Satiristas, he co-directed the film The Aristocrats, in which comedians from many generations came together to tell one grotesquely horrifically vulgar joke, and now he's the host of a show on Showtime called The Green Room. It's an effort to recreate, not the comedy stage, but the comedy backstage; the environment that exists in the community of comedians.
Paul, welcome to The Sound of Young America.

PAUL PROVENZA: Thank you for having me.

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