MK161: New Year, New You, New Me, New Us (Some Environmental Positivity, Setting Your Goals for Your Life)

Minority Korner

Starting this new year off fresh after a little break! We give some shout outs to some other great black hosted podcasts. What is this decade called? Is it the Teens? With a quick detour into Dreamgirls. James gives us some BTS aka behind the scenes to his cameo on CBS Access' show Tell Me A Story. Nnekay breaks into some rare environmental successes not to have us rest on our laurels, but to motivate us to keep going to save our planet. James wants to celebrate and highlight the Kwanza day: Nia- by highlighting and creating goals for the new year. Using some of the things he learned from the Tony Robins Conference- James breaks down some tactics on how move forward in 2019 with goals set and ready to kick ass!


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Ross and Carrie Meet Jennings Brown: Teal Swan Edition


You've heard our coverage of Teal Swan's synchronicity workshop. You've heard the fantastic Gizmodo series "The Gateway". NOW hear Ross and Carrie's discussion with The Gateway's creator and host Jennings Brown. Learn inside information about what got cut and what he feels to be Teal's real appeal. What would someone who truly loved themselves do? They'd listen to this interview.

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