Adam Ruins Everything: Episode 11 Bad Forensic Science with Chris Fabricant

Adam Conover
Chris Fabricant

If it weren't for the Innocence Project's Chris Fabricant, we might not even have an Adam Ruins Everything Podcast! After he and Adam met of the set of Adam Ruins Forensic Science, Adam found his work so fascinating that he felt he had to talk to Chris in a longer format, and thus the original idea for the podcast was born.

As the Innocence Project's Director of Strategic Litigation, Chris develops and executes strategies to address the leading causes of wrongful conviction, including eyewitness misidentification, the misapplication of forensic sciences and false confessions. His cases take him all across the country to help exonerate the wrongfully accused.

On the podcast, Adam and Chris discuss outdated forensic science techniques such as bite mark analysis, why DNA analysis works, and Chris' bizarre deposition with bite mark "expert" Michael West, which was recently profiled in The Washington Post.

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