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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 54: Writer's...Um...Um...

Francesca Gacho
Omar Leyva

It took Paula nine years to write her first book. It took her seven years to write her second book. Can Paula overcome her writer's block to get the third book done in let's say five years? Francesca Gacho, Graduate Writing Coach at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication, is here to help get Paula's brain unclogged. Then, if you can believe it, sometimes, we're wrong! So get ready for another installment of "We've Made a Terrible Mistake!". Also, Ken LeZebnik's America takes us to home of Thousand Island dressing, Clayton, NY. And we'll find out if Paula authored an article on hematology!

Francesca Gacho, PhD (ABD)
Graduate Writing Coach
School of Communication, USC Annenberg
Twitter: @hellowfrancesca

House Band
Omar Leyva, Percussion
Instagram: @omar5ive

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