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Ross and Carrie and Pastor Melissa Scott (Part 2): Junk in the Trunk


Ross and Carrie continue their investigation of Pastor Melissa Scott and her late husband Gene Scott by poring through hours of "Doc's" old sermons, including lessons on astrology, evolution, and camel murder. Then they shove Carrie in Ross's trunk and go on an adventure into the secluded and luxurious community where Melissa Scott may or may not live.

Plus, they go back to church but the devil keeps them out!

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Ross And Carrie And Pastor Melissa Scott (Part 1): Enigmatic Evangelical Edition


If you walked into the Faith Center in Glendale, California, or watched Pastor Melissa Scott on her 24/7 religious broadcasts, you would find a widow who took over her late husband's ministry, and who painstakingly parses tiny sections of scripture for sometimes hours at a time, surrounded by an eager, conservative Christian congregation. But what you might miss, if you don't look closely enough, is Pastor Melissa Scott: questionable Bible scholar, secretive profiteer, and former porn star. So, don't worry. Ross and Carrie looked very closely for you. And in this multi-part series, you'll be stunned by what they find.

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