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Minority Korner 85:Rhythm Nation InFormation! (James Comey, Cosby Mis Trial, Juneteenth, Pride Flag History & Controversy, #40Cities40Acres, Queen Sugar, Implicit Bias, Elizabeth Banks, Sofia Coppolla, Beyonce's Baby, Janet's Baby)

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It is our 2nd year anniversary and boy do we have some presents for you! First up is it hot, or is it just these hot, hot, HAWT Topics! So much to discuss that we haven't had a change to! James Comey- let's hold up before we give this man that ruined the election a parade. The Cosby Ms. Trial- Oy Vey what is up with jury's AND the Philando Castile trial??? Meanwhile another trigger happy cop shot and killed a pregnant Black woman. Elizabeth Banks demonstrates the case for more white feminism, along with Sofia Coppola's latest film that forgets Slavery was a thing back in the confederacy. Beyonce had twins! Phew! Over in the Korner's Nnekay pricks up her feud with JuneTeenth but flips and reverses it, with this way you can truly reclaim this holiday, and some land, as we Black folks still await our 40 acres and a mule. James tackles the controversy of a new Pride flag that was revealed and gives you the history of the flag, along with his two cents. I mean you know him, he's going to give you at least 5 cents. Plus! Queen Sugar has got James WOKE to the Farmer's struggle! Join us for our 2 year anniversary extravaganza!!!






Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Elvis Costello & Elizabeth Banks

Elvis Costello
Elizabeth Banks

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Elvis Costello on His Reputation, Memories of His Father, and Writing Music for Friends

Elvis Costello grew up surrounded by music. His mother ran the record section of Selfridges, and his father was an accomplished working musician. As Costello describes in his new memoir, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, he didn't intend to make music himself, but felt eventually drawn to it.

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and record producer has enjoyed a long career, working on his own and collaborating with everyone from Burt Bacharach, Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox to Solomon Burke.

Elvis Costello joins Jesse to talk about his father’s career and love of music, why Alzheimer’s in his family inspired him to write the book and what it was like to have Christmas with Johnny Cash.

Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink is available now.

Photo by Jesse Thorn

Elizabeth Banks on Finding the Heart of 'Love and Mercy'

'Love and Mercy' was a bit of a tough sell for Elizabeth Banks. She'd acted in biopics before, but this one, about the Beach Boys' resident genius Brian Wilson, was on another level. The director Bill Pohlad would have two actors playing Brian at different stages of his life, and the film would tackle both Brian's mental illness and the budding love story between him and his wife Melinda Ledbetter. The film, and the roles of Melinda and Brian, would carry high expectations. But after speaking with the real Melinda about her love for Brian and the complexities of their story, Banks fully committed to doing their story justice.

Banks has had a successful career in TV and film, including roles in 30 Rock, The Hunger Games, and Wet Hot American Summer. She also directed, produced and acted in a small role in this summer's smash hit comedy, Pitch Perfect II.

Elizabeth Banks joins us to talk about the challenges in making a film which explores loving someone with a mental illness, how she's dealt with the frustration of being undervalued and underutilized in Hollywood, and what she did with some of the... questionable advice she received from a prospective agent early in her career.

Love and Mercy is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

The Outshot: Dad’s Style

Jesse explains why Dad's Style is so attractive.

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