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Minority Korner 51: Explicit to the Maxx!!! (Luke Cage, Basket of Deplorable, Black Folks & Mental Health, 90s Jingles)

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This week we are taking it to the Maxx (our explicit nature that is)!!! James and Nnekay are all up in those jingles, like nobody's business! Do you even remember Jingles! Well these two sure the hell do! The beauty and blackness of Luke Cage has us hooked even just one episode in, let us break down why for ya'll. In the Korners, Kid Cudi checks himself into a Rehab to work through his bought with depression causing Nnekay to investigate why Black folks generally do not seek out help for for Mental Health We are knee deep in the political season. James' dives deep, deep and deeper into the election and truly tries to understand and uncover just exactly WHO these baskets of deplorable are... and is our country on the verge of a BROSIETY? While investigating the various supporter of a certain presidential candidate, James miiiiiight have signed Nnekay up for an undercover mission... will she choose to take it? This Quizlet corner, Nnekay is up to the challenge, also we give shout outs to our 50 goldstar listeners and Minority Korner Kids (we're still working on the name- and their prize).





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