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Episode 37 - Yogurt World written by Colleen McGuinness

Britt Lower as Audrey Mills
Danny Pudi as Chris
David Walton as Seph
Ethan Peck as Guy #1/Chuck/Tough Guy
Amanda Lund as Lisa Hewitt
Keiko Agena as Hot Girl
Brad Morris as Bucky Simmons
Andy Ridings as Vet/Guy #2/Newscaster/7-11 Employee

This month's episode is from the great Colleen McGuinness! Colleen has written on 30 Rock, Friends From College, and Forever.  Her pilot is called Yogurt World. It centers around a woman who works in a frozen yogurt shop whose life is going nowhere, until she discovers that she is telekinetic. Listen to Andrew’s interview with Colleen about developing Yogurt World with Matt Damon, attempting to make a comedy version of “Carrie”, her experiences writing on 30 Rock including some inside scoop on creating that show’s finale, and so many more golden nuggets of insight for writers! Enjoy!

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Ep 14: Go Fact Yourself with John Ross Bowie and Jackie Kashian

Mark Waid, J. Keith van Straaten, Jackie Kashian, Helen Hong and John Ross Bowie
John Ross Bowie and Jackie Kashian
Bobby Ojeda
Mark Waid

In this episode, we learn about the time Jackie Kashian’s father hit on Maria Bamford...at Jackie’s wedding. To find out how Maria reacted, take a listen. Also, if anyone books a guest-starring role on NBC’s Speechless, John Ross Bowie will not only have your back, but he’ll show you where the craft service table is on set. Plus, if you ever wondered, “What’s it like growing up in the Theater District in New York?”, you’ll soon find out.

Do YOU Know the Difference?

Areas of Expertise
John Ross Bowie: The West Wing, Stephen Sondheim and 1986 New York Mets
Jackie Kashian: Marvel Comics since 2004, Romance Novels, and Chicken.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
John Ross Bowie
Jackie Kashian

With guest experts:
Comic book writer, Mark Waid.

Former baseball player and current podcaster, Bobby Ojeda.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show is recorded at the Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green
David McKeever is the Live Sound Engineer.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher
The show is edited by Julian Burrell

Who Shot Ya? Ep 30: Isle of Dogs w/ 'Can I Pet Your Dog?' Hosts Renee Colvert & Allegra Ringo

Who Shot Ya?
Renee Colvert
Allegra Ringo

This week we’ve got the hosts of Can I Pet Your Dog -- Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo -- on the show to share their thoughts about Isle of Dogs, and their favorite furry films of all time. Plus, Renee and Allegra go up against Ricky and April in a battle to see which podcast hosts have a greater knowledge of films starring dogs: CIPYD or WSY? Only one podcast will emerge victorious. If you love dogs, this episode is for you. Ditto if you love movies. And if you love dogs, movies and movies about dogs, you will be thoroughly entertained!

In news, Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum want more dog-friendly movie screenings.
Ricky Carmona is available to DJ the upcoming 34th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival which takes place between April 5th - 19th. And April wants filmmakers to know that Cine+MAS SF is accepting submissions for the San Francisco Latino Film Festival.
Danny Trejo tells us about Danny Trejo in a new episode of Funny or Die’s IMDB Me.
A PA Planned Parenthood branch thinks we need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion

Weekly Movie Recommendations:

Alonso - The Death of Stalin
Ricky - Nashville
April - Unsane
Allegra - Night of the Hunter
Renee - The Strangers: Prey at Night

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Next week we'll be discussing Ready Player One with Dave Schilling

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Who Shot Ya? Ep 29 Love Simon and Teen Romance in Movies with Grace Baldridge

Grace Baldridge, Ricky Carmona, Alonso Duralde and April Wolfe
Who Shot Ya?
Grace Baldridge

This week we take a look at Love Simon, the film Alonso Duralde and special guest Grace Baldridge want you to see multiple times so studios will continue making coming of age teen films that feature gay romantic leads. Taking a page from the film’s anonymous correspondence between “Jacque” and “Blue”, each of our panelists write their own anonymous notes and we learn some FASCINATING truths. To wit, Neil was with Oprah Winfrey the night Michael Jackson died. Lars McPatchett used to eat butter out of a container with a spoon as a kid. Zippo lettered in three sports in high school, and two of Saint John’s greatest fears are escalators and horses. Think you can figure out who each panelist’s alias is? You’ll have to listen to find out.

In news, the Chopping Mall remake won’t feature killer robots.
The Justice League franchise is officially the lowest grossing DCEU film
There’s a rare cut of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining which contains a previously-deleted scene.

Weekly Movie Recommendations:

Alonso - Take Me to the River
Grace - Kiss Me
Ricky - Killing of a Sacred Deer
April - I Kill Giants

PLUS, we have two Spotify playlists. One is for Movie Soundtracks and the other is for Movie Scores. Check 'em out!

Alonso Duralde
April Wolfe
Ricky Carmona
Grace Baldridge

Next week we'll be discussing Isle of Dogs with Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo of Can I Pet Your Dog.

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The First Six Books You Should Read from DC Comics The New 52


DC Comics, home of icons such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, is starting from scratch. The company is taking titles such as Action Comics, where Superman first appeared in 1938, all the way back to #1. This is a new universe featuring all of your old favorite characters and providing them with new opportunities for thrilling feats of daring do! But the creation of a new universe also means that within the context of these stories, all the DC adventures for these characters that you read and enjoyed as a child (or adolescent, or adult) didn’t happen. As such, this is a fantastic time to dip your toe in the superhero water without getting bogged down by decades of complicated continuity. Since there has been so much chatter recently about The New 52, I asked two of our resident comic book addicts, Dan Sai and J. Alex Briggs, to tell you about the few that they are most excited about picking up.


Justice League of America by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

(Issue #1 out August 31st)

This is the title I’m most excited about. DC is trying to make Justice League their flagship book again. The League is really the grand daddy of team books with each individual member having the power to destroy the world. The challenge for Geoff Johns is not to keep finding gigantic threats that would be sufficiently challenging (he’s a comics writer and those guys think of 15 weird monsters before they finish their coffee), but to make the character interaction compelling. We all have a good idea about how Superman and Batman act, but how will Flash and Cyborg get along? There’s a lot of potential for new relationships there. Johns had a stellar run on both Justice Society and Teen Titans, particularly when it comes to the quieter moments, so I have high hopes for this one. Jim Lee is the penciller for the book,and has redesigned all the costumes. There’s been controversy around some of his choices: no red briefs on Superman and pants on Wonder Woman (that’s the kind of thing that passes for controversy amongst comics fans); but I enjoy how his drawings convey action and movement rather than leaving the heroes looking as though they are posed in every panel. With the classic lineup of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman, and new addition (and Teen Titans graduate) Cyborg, I have a feeling this book is going to be something I read again and again through the years.

Aquaman by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

(Issue #1 out September 28th)

Aquaman has always been a bit of a joke, but it has SO MANY things I love: Sword and Sorcery action, political intrigue, a protagonist that’s a little bit of a jerk, and a healthy dose of simple wackiness. That being said, the book has just never really clicked for me. There’s been some grave “heavy is the head that wears the crown” takes on the character, and of course the silly Silver Age run (for the best appreciation of these stories, listen to the delightful podcast "Tom vs. Aquaman"); but it has never felt like required reading. This title, however, I’ll definitely try for a few months to see if it takes. We know from Brightest Day that Reis can draw the crap out of Aquaman, and that alone is a big pull; but if he and Johns can move the king of Atlantis to the A-list, I’ll be very impressed.

Action Comics by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales

(Issue #1 out September 7th)

Grant Morrison loves Superman more than you. And me. And probably more than Jerry Seigle and Joe Shuster. This is a man who thinks about Superman, his mythos and character and symbolism, on a daily basis. He is responsible for All-Star Superman, possibly the greatest Superman story ever written. This will be a good book. This might be a great book. It takes place when Clark Kent is still a young man, just learning how to be Superman, not entirely confident in his powers and his quest for justice. I do have a few concerns, though. For example, I can get behind jeans and a Superman t-shirt, but what’s the deal with that tiny cape? It looks really stupid. And tiny. But in a new timeline, with Superman as the first-ever superhero, reading about a youngish Clark Kent will be a great way to explore and become familiar with the world. And watching the Man of Steel leap into new and different adventures (especially at the hands of such a good writer) is reason enough for me to pick this up.

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