Judge John Hodgman Episode 325: Nap Judgment

Monte Belmonte

Ann files suit against her husband, Stephen. When they travel, Ann wants to keep a regular sleeping schedule to avoid grogginess. But, Stephen thinks the point of vacation is to relax! He wants the flexibility to sleep in. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? With Summertime Funtime Bailiff Monte Belmonte!



"Here's an abbreviated list of sleep hygiene recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation"
- Limit daytime naps to 30 minutes.
- Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine close to bedtime.
- Exercising to promote good quality sleep.
- Steering clear of food that can be disruptive right before sleep.
- Ensuring adequate exposure to natural light.
- Establishing a regular relaxing bedtime routine.
- Making sure that the sleep environment is pleasant. "Bright light from lamps, cell phone and TV screens can make it difficult to fall asleep, so turn those light off or adjust them when possible."

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