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MK161: New Year, New You, New Me, New Us (Some Environmental Positivity, Setting Your Goals for Your Life)

Minority Korner

Starting this new year off fresh after a little break! We give some shout outs to some other great black hosted podcasts. What is this decade called? Is it the Teens? With a quick detour into Dreamgirls. James gives us some BTS aka behind the scenes to his cameo on CBS Access' show Tell Me A Story. Nnekay breaks into some rare environmental successes not to have us rest on our laurels, but to motivate us to keep going to save our planet. James wants to celebrate and highlight the Kwanza day: Nia- by highlighting and creating goals for the new year. Using some of the things he learned from the Tony Robins Conference- James breaks down some tactics on how move forward in 2019 with goals set and ready to kick ass!


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Episode 33 - American Alien written by Sierra Teller Ornelas

Kaliko Kauhi as Dee Dee
Dustin Ybarra as Sonny
Kevin Sussman as Connor
Stephnie Weir as Ruth
Nichole Bloom as Jackie/Professional Woman 1
Kevin Balmore as Hector/Little Boy
Maria Blasucci as Mavis/Stacy/Professional Woman 2
Logan Hall as T’Oliver/Yadelah/Old Man/Tough Guy/Cliff

Our dead pilot this month is called American Alien written by Sierra Teller Ornelas (Superstore, Happy Endings). We recorded this one live from The USC Comedy Festival! American Alien centers around Denise “Dee Dee” and Sonny Mendoza, a small-town brother-and-sister team who struggle to keep their working-class jobs while also protecting vulnerable space aliens from everyday pitfalls in their hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

We had a great cast for this one including Kaliko Kauhi as Dee Dee, Dustin Ybarra as Sonny
Kevin Sussman as Connor, Stephnie Weir as Ruth, Nichole Bloom as Jackie/Professional Woman 1
Kevin Balmore as Hector/Little Boy, Maria Blasucci as Mavis/Stacy/Professional Woman 2, Logan Hall as T’Oliver/Yadelah/Old Man/Tough Guy/Cliff, and Andrew Reich with stage directions. 

Stay tuned after the read Andrew interviews Sierra regarding her dead pilot and there’s also a Q & A with the crowd too!

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