Ross and Carrie Cure Cancer: Tijuana Edition


It's 2017, and here in the States, our incoming president is considering having a guy lead the FDA who is opposed to testing drugs for efficacy before approving them like so much caramel candy. To see what such lax regulations might look like, Ross and Carrie board a bus to Tijuana with dozens of cancer patients and their families, to tour some of the "alternative" cancer treatments that Mexico offers... but the U.S. currently bans. Will these treatments be effective, but mired in bureaucratic red tape? Just plain snake oil? Or somewhere in between? Find out in this bummer-but-important episode.

Plus, Carrie accidentally eats a bug.

Throwing Shade Ep. 85 - Hands On Children's Museum, Equal Pay and Marsha Blackburn, The Purge, Interns


Year he, year he! The neweth episodic of Throwing Shade hath cometh! Witness stories like lesbians denied family rates at Hands on Children's Museum in Jacksonville, Florida, 50th anniversary of JFK's biggest gift to women, The Equal Pay Act, Representative Marsha Blackburn's inability to grasp the reasons for The Paycheck Fairness Act, and welcome new interns, Jamie and Kala! 
We survived the purge! 
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