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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Hasan Minhaj & Sharon Horgan

Hasan Minhaj
Sharon Horgan

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Hasan Minhaj on Doing Stand Up Comedy in Other Countries and Air Jordans

Hasan Minhaj hosts the new Netflix show Patriot Act. He was also a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which he did up until August of 2018. His comedy is a mix of political and satirical comedy.

Hasan and Jesse talk about his one-man show, stand up comedy in other countries, and sneakers.

Click here to listen to Hasan Minhaj's interview on YouTube.

This interview originally aired in 2016.

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Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan on Creating Flawed Characters

Sharon Horgan has a knack for the creating shows that reveal her characters as determined, funny, sexy, complex, and at times, very flustered. Her comedy has a lot of insightful observations into what it means to be a professional woman negotiating multiple roles including wife and mother. These themes are in full display on her show Catastrophe.

Sharon sat down with Jesse to talk about getting past the awkwardness of writing and filming sex scenes, the evolution of a relationship before and after having kids, and the reasons she likes playing a character who can sometimes come off as a jerk.

A new season of Catastrophe comes out later this year.

Click here to listen to Sharon Horgan's interview on YouTube.

This interview originally aired in 2016.

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The Outshot: Prince

Jesse remembers how the musician Prince inspired people to dare to be themselves.

Click here to listen to The Outshot on YouTube.

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