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Minority Korner 93: Dolores Huerta Needs A Statue W/Brian Benson (Charlottesville, Captain Marvel AKA Brie Larson, Bi Celebrities, Aaron Carter, Halle or Holly Berry?)

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Brian Benson

We have been waiting to release this special interview with film maker Brian Benson for months, because we are crazy... about ACTIVISM! And with his new film 'Dolores' about Dolores Huerta coming to theaters September 1st, we finally can! Brian Benson (AKA SF legend drag persona Cousin Wonderlette) is behind hit films such as 'La Mission' with Benjamin Bratt, 'Diary of a Teenage Girl' with Kirsten Wiig and Alexander Alexander SkarsgÄrd. Brian sits down with James while he's on a world wind tour, to talk about the activist, rebel, revolutionary, and mother herself Dolores Huerta, and the journey to get the film made and it's relevance. It's a tale as old as time involving immigration rights, racism, sexism, and more! Where's here statues across America? Speaking of statues, we weigh in on Charlottesville: white people come get your people. Plus find out how Brie Larson, AKA Captain Marvel, is defending our galaxy on the big screen and in real life. Who are all the bi celebrities coming out of the woodwork, and just how do you pronounce Halle Berry? And find out how you can enter to win a Minority Korner prize pack in honor of upcoming 100th episode!!! Get ready to get inspired!!




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