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1000 Cones - Jordan Jesse Go! Buy 1000 Strangers Ice Cream!


The hosts of the comedy podcast Jordan Jesse Go! had an idea. What if they bought an ice cream cone for 1000 strangers? Just to make the world a better place? They launched a Kickstarter, and with the help of over 600 of their listeners, raised the money to do it.

Jordan and Jesse headed to Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver for the big event. Each person who received a cone also got a card with the name of the Jordan Jesse Go! listener who bought it for them. It took six hours, some running around in the street, and even a (brief) visit to a pot dispensary, but when they were done, one thousand ice cream cones had been bought for folks wandering past the shop. And a better day was had by all.

You can find Jordan and Jesse's profane and hilarious show free in iTunes or online at http://www.maximumfun.org .

Jesse and Jordan thank all our Kickstarter supporters, especially:
Banana Splitters
Joe Blubaugh
Kate Barry
Colin Urbina
Michael Pusateri
Taylor Moore
Don Schaffner
Paul Blair

Straberry Parfait Magicians
Dave Crowder
Joe Rust
David Bagley
Ken Eddings

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 288: In The Round with Dave Ross

Dave Ross

Comedian Dave Ross joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of monkey butt, Jesse's electronic repair man, apartment hunting, and Dave's future comedy special.

Check out the 1000 Cones video -- http://youtu.be/eJnGyJKf0aM

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 287: Downstairs of a Yacht with Emily Maya Mills

Emily Maya Mills

Comedian and actress Emily Maya Mills joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jesse's trip to the National concert, plus Jesse gives a pig-sitting update, there's an ice cream givaway update, and they talk about having sex in a museum.

Action items: What should Jordan and Jesse do with their quinceanera hall? What should Jordan and Jesse's momentous occasion be? Would Jordan look good with Pete-burns?

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 285: Big Tornado with Nick Adams

Nick Adams

Nick "Repeat" Adams joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jesse's life on the road, Pacific Rim, the upcoming ice cream giveaway in Denver and a Driving Miss Daisy reboot.

And we did it! 1000 Cones is happening! Jordan and Jesse will be in Denver on August 3rd giving away 1000 free ice creams cones! Stop by Sweet Action Ice Cream ( 52 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203) in Saturday to pick one up!

Buy 1000 Ice Cream Cones! IT'S CRUNCH TIME!


Let's finish strong! Buy a stranger an ice cream cone! TODAY!


Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 284: Gandhi Boner with James Reichmuth and Rob Baedeker

James Reichmuth
Rob Baedeker

James Reichmuth and Rob Baedeker from the sketch comedy group Kasper Hauser join Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of creativity, car washes, donut shops, and fast food.

Help Jesse and Jordan buy 1000 people ice cream cones!! http://kck.st/12VAk6B

Jordan Jesse Go: 1000 Cones!


Jordan and Jesse want to travel to Denver and buy 1000 strangers an ice cream cone. Can you help? Donate and share our Kickstarter here!

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