Pop Rocket: Episode 41 Big Changes in Print Media

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Oliver, Wynter & Guy
Guy Branum
Wynter Mitchell
Oliver Wang

The team gets together to discuss the state of the print media including a major change at Playboy and they also share their favorite jams for this week.

This week's jams:

Wynter Mitchell - Novacane Frank Ocean
Oliver Wang - 10 Duel Commandment Hamilton Broadway Soundtrack

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SWEPT AWAY and misogyny

Around 1990, my brother and I made up the Sam Peckinpah-Woody Allen-Lina Wertmueller Cinematic Misogyny Award, an set up a shortlist of nominees, though the only two I remember from the the list were Oliver Stone and Goldie Hawn (Spielberg was probably up for it, too).. Yes, it really was That obvious. SWEPT AWAY rests on the notion of his machismic bullying being OK (just as in OVERBOARD) because he's a salt of the eart/sea Communist and she's a flighty, at least upper middle-class Social Democrat. It sorta could be kinda making fun of itself, but it mostly seems to kinda not, so much as more interested in holding the Bougie Gal in contempt.

--Todd Mason