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Yay Area Slang by Rafael Casal

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Slick as fuck. The Yay *stays* innovating, and it's not just 40-Water, either.

Novel f. Joell Ortiz & Papoose - So Much More


DID YOU KNOW: Novel's grandfather is soul legend Solomon Burke.

The State Interview: The Sound of Young America

The cast of The State
Kerri Kenney-Silver
Thomas Lennon
Ken Marino

Kerri Kenney-Silver, Thomas Lennon and Ken Marino talk about the history of the sketch comedy group The State.

Jordan Jesse Go Ep. 106: First Time Long Time

Hal Rudnick

Comedian Hal Rudnick visits Jordan and Jesse to talk about children's clothing, the Navajo language, and more.

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Coming to our Philly and New York shows?


The amazing Tom Deja has created an even more amazing screen-printed 12x18" poster for our East Coast tour.

If you're coming to the shows, you can order yours in advance for the discount price of $12, and pick it up at the venue. In so doing, you will not only ensure that you'll get this valuable and limited (250!) keepsake, you'll also help us cover the costs of bringing the shows to the East Coast.

When they're gone, they're gone, so order yours in advance now.

Pay our tour bills: order a poster (only $12!) to pick up at the show!

Podcast: Coyle & Sharpe Episode 68: Stride Regulation

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Welcome to season two of Coyle & Sharpe: The Imposters! In the early 1960s, James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe roamed the streets of San Francisco, microphone in hand, roping strangers into bizarre schemes and surreal stunts. These original recordings are from the Sharpe family archive, which is tended by Mal's daughter, Jennifer Sharpe. You can learn more about Coyle & Sharpe on their website or on MySpace. Their recent box set is These 2 Men Are Imposters.

On this episode: Coyle and Sharpe want to punish a man for his stride.

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JJGo Live Stream today...


We're going to stream our taping of Jordan Jesse Go today.

We're scheduled to start around 2PM pacific (it'll likely be more like 2:15) and go until about 4PM pacific.

Participate in the chat, twitter about it, all that stuff.

Please bear in mind that there will be no stage presentation, sets, graphics, or even music during the breaks. No frills beta. Just playing around.

Stefan Rules!

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A Frequently Asked Question here at MaxFun World HQ: "who designed your logos?"

All our logos were designed by Stefan Lawrence. Stefan's a gifted graphic designer and illustrator, and he shepherded all our logos from brainstorm to execution, and did an amazing job.

Stefan's a full-time designer, but he's also a full-time comedian, as part of the hilarious sketch group Elephant Larry. I can't decide if where the greater gift lies, but he's pretty amazing in general.

Stefan just launched a beautiful portfolio site for his company, Stefan Rules!. Check out his work and hire him for your next project -- he gets my unqualified recommendation.

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