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The JV Club Ep. 303: Alicia Witt

The JV Club
Alicia Witt
Janet Varney

It’s a foamy almond milk latte of an episode with the delightful Alicia Witt, who talks Nashville, Bill Shakes, and the simple elegance of a tv show title when it’s as self-explanatory as “That’s Incredible!”

Alicia Witt's EP 1500 Days is available now.

MBMBaM 439: Face 2 Face: Candlenights 2018


It’s that time of year again. The snow is falling, the candles are a-blazing, and the curse words have been banished to the Darkness Realm, from which no sound or profanity may escape. Dig up the Yule Stump from your front yard, and throw your gifts heavenward for the Star King. Candlenights is officially upon us.

Ep 81 - Our 2019 Challenge and Sam Maggs!

Our Reading Challenge 2019
Reading Glasses
Sam Maggs

Brea and Mallory talking about 2019 reader goals and interview author Sam Maggs! Use the hashtag #ReadingGlassesPodcast to participate in online discussion! Email us at readingglassespodcast at gmail dot com!

It's our READER CHALLENGE OF 2019! Hashtag #readingglasseschallenge when you participate!

Book Challenges:

Read a translated book.
Read a graphic novel.
Read a non fiction book about a subject you know nothing about.
Read a short story collection or anthology.
Read a book by a trans author.

Activity Challenges:

Get or renew your library card and post a picture. (Or just post a picture of you with your card if you already have one.)
Preorder or request a book from your library.
Join a book club, in person or online, for just one month.
Send a favorite author a tweet or email telling them how much you love their work.
Incorporate reading into one of your favorite relaxing activities.

Reading Glasses Merch

Links -

Reading Glasses Facebook Group

Reading Glasses Goodreads Group

Amazon Wish List

One Second A Day App

Sam Maggs
Sam's Twitter
Girl Squads by Sam Maggs
Marvel Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World by Sam Maggs, Ruth Amos, Emma Grange

Books Mentioned -

Bedfellow by Jeremy C. Shipp

The Real Lolita by Sarah Weinman

The Phoenix Empress by K Arsenault Rivera

Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers

The Woman's Hour by Elaine Weiss

Inside Pop Ep. 142- 2018 Best Movie Moments and Entertainers of the Year

Inside Pop

If it's the end of December, then it's time for our last episode of the year- our round up of the best movie moments of 2018! This year, Action, Horror, Indie, Drama, Foreign and Documentary films make up our lists. From the blockbuster Black Panther to the silent thriller A Quiet Place to the indie darling, Eighth Grade, we break down which moments moved us to tears, made us laugh and kept us on the edge of our seats.

But wait, there's more! For the first time ever- we are sharing our picks for Entertainer of the Year. We first discuss our runners up and why they made our list and then we announce who each of us chose as THE Entertainer of the Year!

Closing Quote - "Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you." - The Matrix

Films discussed:

A Quiet Place

Black Panther

Eighth Grade

Free Solo

If Beale Street Could Talk


Sorry To Bother You

The Favourite

Three Identical Strangers

Entertainer of The Year contenders:

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Cardi B

Donald Glover

Janelle Monae

Lin- Manuel Miranda

Sissy Spacek

Tessa Thompson


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The Greatest Discovery Ep 34: Leaned Into the Scruff


When Christmas 2018 falls on the same day The Greatest Discovery releases a new episode, it's time to tear open gifts and use your new headphones to listen to Adam & Ben. But when it's revealed that this ep is Season 2 trailer-talk, and the second-half review of the Star Trek Discovery Annual comic book—it's time to gather your friends and family and share the pod around the fireplace. Will Spock's smile stay? Is Stamets jawline still defined? Where are the black toothbrushes?

It's the episode you open in front of your family and have to explain to your grandparents!

Bullseye With Jesse Thorn: End of Year 2018 Comedy Special


New to Bullseye? Subscribe to our podcast in iTunes or with your favorite podcatcher to make sure you automatically get the newest episode every week.

It's that time of year again! The Bullseye team listened to hours of comedy from the past year and picked the absolute best for you to enjoy in one convenient episode. There was a lot of great stuff this year. This was no easy task -- please let us know who else should have made the cut @Bullseye or on Facebook!

Like what you hear? Click through to learn more information on these comedians. For your convenience links to buy their albums have also been provided below:

Gina Yashere - Ticking Boxes
Laura House - Mouth Punch
Adam Cayton-Holland - Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits
Sara Hennessey - They Know Too Much
Louie Anderson - Big Underwear
Kimberly Clark - Live at Max Fun Con 2018
Emily Heller - Pasta
Nore Davis - Too Woke
Jo Firestone - The Hits
Dino Archie - Live at Max Fun Con 2018
Jen Kirkman - Just Keep Livin'?
Nato Green - The Whiteness Album

#200 - Best Caroling Song with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins

Who better to close out WorkJuice December AND guest on our 200th episode than our good friend Paul F. Tompkins? NOBODY. And what better topic than caroling? NONE. LISTEN ALREADY.

Everything's Coming Up Simpsons Ep. 169: The Joy of Sect w/ Lisa Curry

Lisa Curry

It's our first ever solo-host show. Don't worry Allie will be back next week … the only thing you have to fear this week is – cults. Comedian Lisa Curry and Julia discuss Movementarianism, Blisstonia, and dive deep into some real life cults. Things get a little freaky, but don't worry we'll guide you along. Join us! Join Us! Join Us!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 563: Sonic the Headhog with Chelsea Davison

Chelsea Davison

Chelsea Davison (Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, @Midnight) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how even though Jesse is something of a dairy queen he can't drink a glass of milk on its own, Chelsea's friend's unbelievable hobby of "mermaiding," everyone's first cartoon crush, and the beautiful Sonic poem that Jordan saw on a bulletin board at a sandwich shop.

A Sawbones Special Presentation: A Medicine Called Christmas


Live from Candlenights 2018, we're so proud to present a staged reading of the new Hallmark Christmas movie written by Justin and Sydnee McElroy: A Medicine Called Christmas.

Music: Adam Sakiyama


Narrator: Rachel McElroy
Daniel: Tommy Smirl
Tabitha: Sydnee McElroy
Phil: Griffin McElroy
Chris: Justin McElroy
Ms. Crimble: Teresa McElroy
Mr. Frankson: Dwight Slappe
Mr. Cameron: Travis McElroy
Beth: Teylor Smirl
Mandy: Rileigh Smirl
Mr. Golfberg: Michael Meadows
Santa: Clint McElroy

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