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Friendly Fire Live in Brooklyn - TOP GUN

05/20/2019 - 19:30 - 21:00
Brooklyn, NY
Venue Name: 
The Bell House

149 7th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11215


Front bar opens at 5:00pm
Doors open at 7:00pm
Show at 7:30pm

*Please note this event will be mixed seated/standing. Arrive early for best seat selection.

John Roderick, Adam Pranica and Benjamin Ahr Harrison are exploring titles from the entire history of cinema about every war, big and bigger. They discuss filmmaking, geopolitical history, nerd out about uniforms and equipment, and crack wise the entire time. To the victor go the spoiler alerts!

Ep. 35: Go Fact Yourself with Suzy Nakamura & Mark L. Walberg

Bianca Bulle, J. Keith van Straaten, Mark L. Walberg, Helen Hong, Suzy Nakamura, Stephen Tabor
Suzy Nakamura & Mark L. Walberg
Bianca Bulle & Stephen Tabor

It might be the most highbrow episode of Go Fact Yourself yet!

Suzy Nakamura is an actor who’s been seen in shows like”Dr. Ken” and “The Goldbergs”. Her work has endeared her to a large number of fans, but she’ll explain what she’s had to correct them about an unfortunate number of times.

Suzy’s opponent is Mark L. Walberg! He’s the host of shows like “Antiques Roadshow” and “Temptation Island” (and is not to be confused with the actor who shares his name). Mark will tell the story of how his son inadvertently helped him win another trivia game show, “The Weakest Link.”

Our guests will discuss minor league baseball, math, and traditional holiday ballet.

What’s the Difference: Mean

What’s the difference between "facetious" and "sarcastic"?

What’s the difference between a median and a mean in mathematics?

Areas of Expertise

Suzy Nakamura: The Gutenberg Bible, the city of Chicago and Instagram cats

Mark L. Walberg: The film Pitch Perfect, moonshine and ballet.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
Suzy Nakamura
Mark L. Walberg

With guest experts:

Suzy Nakamura and Stephen Tabor

Stephen Tabor, rare book curator for the Huntington Library.

Bianca Bulle and Mark L. Walberg

Bianca Bulle, Principal ballerina for Los Angeles Ballet.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at The Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

Who Shot Ya? Episode 87: 'Avengers: Endgame' and Fond Farewells

Who Shot Ya?

Avengers: Endgame

In this episode, the gang says "auf wiedersehen" to two beloved powerhouses - The Avengers, and more importantly, our beloved host Ricky Carmona. But don't worry, this is a fond farewell, with Ricky bringing that Bustelo-fueled Carmona Energy. Plus, the gang answers several calls from the Who Shot Line. And, as always, staff picks.

In news, RIP John Singleton, director Dee Rees sheds some light on "discrimanatory theater practices," and repertory theaters are worried about Fox's film library under Disney ownership.

Staff Picks:

Alonso - Howards End
Drea - Knock Down The House
April - Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché
Ricky - Sneakers, The Night of the Hunter, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Interview with the Vampire, Strangers on a Train, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, All About Eve, John Wick: Chapter 2.

With Alonso Duralde, Drea Clark, April Wolfe, and Ricky Carmona.

You can let us know what you think of Who Shot Ya? on Twitter or Facebook. Or email us at

Call us on the "Who Shotline" - WSY-803-1664

Produced by Casey O'Brien and Laura Swisher for

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty

Mark Alan Stamaty

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Photo: New York Review Comics

Cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty on 'MacDoodle Street,' 'Who Needs Donuts?,' and more

We're thrilled to share our conversation with cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty. We're huge fans of his children's book – "Who Needs Donuts?" Mark's wonderfully illustrated book tells the story of a kid in a cowboy suit who's bored with his family. He hitches up his wagon and heads out for the big city in search of donuts. After a wild adventure he realizes there are things far greater than donuts. It's a charming and hilarious book for kids. And, trust us, adults will love it, too!

Mark Alan Stamaty got his start working at a handful of New York papers, with a few regular comic strips. There's Washingtoon, a political strip. A few regular comics in the New York Review of Books. And MacDoodle Street, which he published for the Village Voice in the late '70s.

MacDoodle Street was just released as an anthology collection. In MacDoodle Street, you see New York kind of the way a kid from outside the city might: a wild, bizarre and kind of fantastic place. Overwhelming, but endlessly interesting and stimulating. This new edition features a brand-new, twenty-page autobiographical comic by Stamaty on why the short-lived but treasured MacDoodle Street never returned to the Village Voice. It's a unique, funny, and poignant look at the struggles and joys of being an artist.

We're thrilled to share this conversation with Mark Alan Stamaty. He'll give us the scoop on his new anthology collection, and how his childhood influenced his work. Both of his parents had the same profession as him. Plus, where he gets the silly ideas for his stories and illustrations. Rhinos on the subway wearing fancy hats! Shark-shaped cars!

New Mueller Report Drama, Avengers: Endgame Discussion, Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer, Caster Semenya Forced to Lower Testosterone, Chase Bank’s Terrible Tweet, Peter Mayhew, ‘Alien: The Play’


INTRO 0:24


Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer

Caster Semenya Forced to Lower Testosterone



TIDBITS 1:04:40

WI-FIVE 1:07:47

OUTRO 1:10:07

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 27


The Pine Guard is scattered, in more ways than one. Kepler’s long-held secrets are coming to light over the course of a single evening. Their foe is beginning to take shape, but how much farther will they fall before they can stop it? Duck pushes the panic button. Aubrey confronts her past. Ned holds onto what little he has left.

MK 178: Rated R for Risque (LGBTQ Books for Kids, John Singleton, Avengers: Endgame, #FreeBritney, BelAir)

Minority Korner

Stomping into May with James' list of LGBTQ books for kids! Keep this list handy for all your LGBTQ families. We start the show off by talking about the legendary director John Singleton. The #FreeBritney hashtag and the controversy with some of our friends from the podcast Lady2Lady. What would you do if your friends took a picture with and posted a photo on social media with a very controversial figure? It happened to these gays at Coachella. And of course we're going to talk about Avengers:Endgame! Some of us didn't like it as much as others and what are the consequences of not quite liking a cultural juggernaut? Also there's a gritty Fresh Prince of BelAir reboot! All this and more on this weeks Minority Korner! This episode is Rated R for Risque! 
Pride Colors

 Twitter: @minoritykorner
Ask Minority Korner Anything:
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Friendly Fire Ep 69: REDBAD (2018)

Friendly Fire

When telling an origin story, it's best to bring all the swords and an incredibly powerful Mac Mini. On today's episode Ben, John, and Adam want to start a war with the most powerful army in the world, while they watch this 2018 epic!

Come see Friendly Fire Live!

This film is available on:
Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, Vudu, and your local library

Next Film: Crash Dive (1943)

Available on:
Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, Fandango Now, Vudu

Tights and Fights Ep. 141: Impact Wrestling Rebellion w/ Elle Collins

Elle Collins

It’s that special rare week where Julian Burrell steps out of the production booth to join Danielle Radford in the hosting chair! They’re joined by Elle Collins, podcaster and writer for Uproxx. Elle actually became a fan of wrestling fairly recently. That’s given them a unique perspective on wrestling’s history, especially after the four horsewomen helped change WWE for the better.

The panel will first take a look at a company that had a big PPV this week: Impact Wrestling! We’ll break down the biggest matches on the show, including Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim and The Lucha Bros. vs. LAX. And we’ll speculate about what the promotion will look like once AEW is completely off the ground.

Plus, WWE has begun its build to the Money in the Bank PPV. If done well, it sets up someone up for stardom. Now that the crop of competitors has been revealed, who would be best served by getting the guaranteed title match within the briefcase? How do we hope that this is different from the other recent cash-ins?

The Three Count:

Elle put over NXT UK.

Julian put over Hobbs and Shaw.

Danielle put over Tessa Blanchard and Jordynne Grace’s work outs.

Hosted by Danielle Radford, Julian Burrell, and Elle Collins.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

If you want to talk about more wrestling throughout the week be sure to join us on Facebook and @TightsFights on Twitter and Instagram.

If you liked the show, please share it with your friends and be sure to leave us a quick review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts.

Some sad news about Pop Rocket


We have a sad announcement to make today: Maximum Fun will no longer be producing Pop Rocket. We started the show in January of 2015, as a chat-show counterpart to Bullseye. Our goal was a place to feature "smart, funny, sometimes sweary chat about everything great in entertainment."

We're proud of the show. We think, thanks to the hard work of the panel and the production team, it featured some of the most insightful, unusual, and hilarious (and profane) commentary on movies, music, television, and culture more broadly. This isn’t a happy day for us.

Some context: Pop Rocket is a production of Maximum Fun. It was created and developed by our founder Jesse Thorn with our former Senior Producer Colin Anderson, and has been produced by Christian Dueñas and our current Senior Producer Laura Swisher, with additional help over the years from MaxFun Production Fellows and producers. As a MaxFun production, Maximum Fun bears the full cost of production of the show, including paying the hosts, staff producers, editors and recording and hosting costs. While the show has developed a passionate community, we haven’t been able to develop revenue that covers those costs at any point in its history, and over the past two years, listenership has declined.

We recently learned that our host Guy Branum, and one of our permanent panelists, Margaret Wappler, will be stepping away from those roles in order to pursue other projects. Given that reality, and the financial picture for the show, we are unable to sustain its production. Over nearly five years, we’ve proudly supported the show as it went through personnel changes, leaves of absence, and the regular challenge of producing a weekly program. It has been a passion project for many of us at MaxFun, and we are sad to see it end. Ultimately, though, we are responsible for the show’s sustainability, and don’t think we can ensure that going forward.

If you’re a MaxFun member and you wish to update your membership, you can do so here. Starting in June, Pop Rocket will no longer factor into revenue split calculations for members who support multiple shows. Practically speaking, this means that the other MaxFun shows you listen to will get a slightly larger piece of the pie. We understand that the timing of this announcement, a bit more than a month after the MaxFunDrive, isn’t ideal. It wasn’t how we would have planned it, but we felt it would be inappropriate to delay or to fail to be frank with our employees, talent and community.

Pop Rocket is one show in a constellation of culture programming at MaxFun. If you are a Pop Rocket fan, we hope you’ll look into some of the other offerings which share the values and DNA of the show we will all miss. We also plan to maintain the Pop Rocket archive for the foreseeable future.

We offer our sincere thanks to Guy, Margaret, Wynter, Karen, Oliver Wang, Colin, Christian, our Production Fellows and producers,and all of our guests and guest hosts. We are proud of our association with all of them, and proud of and grateful for their hard work. We’re also grateful for the hard work of the show’s current producer, Laura Swisher. She and Christian remain on our staff, and are working on other projects at MaxFun.

-- Jesse, Bikram, Laura, and the team at MaxFunHQ.

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