Wonderful! Ep. 61: Our Favorite Austin Stuff, Live!


We did a live show in our hometown of Austin, TX! We talked about our favorite stuff from the city, including an ill-fated restaurant, a local poet and an explosive state history lesson.

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus - https://open.spotify.com/album/7n6zRzTrGPIHt0kRvmWoya

Episode 32 - The Prince written by Mehar Sethi

Glenn Howerton as Dave Whitney
Ginger Gonzaga as Zodiac Waitress/Assistant/Housewife/Local/Hostess
Brad Neely as Charles Whitney
Mamie Gummer as Molly
Scott MacArthur as State Senator/Roger/Redneck Store Clerk/Bobby/Gifford
Gary Anthony Williams as Carl Fisher/Rival Oil Exec
Elizabeth Ho as Rhea
Roberta Valderrama as Margarita
Mike Kosinski as Oscar/Cody
Tay Strathairn as Liam Lenox/Steakhouse Waiter
Sunkrish Bala as Ravi Daptik/Rival Oil Exec/Colleague/City Official/Actor
Lizzie Peet as Aunt Alice

Our dead pilot this month is The Prince by Mehar Sethi (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bojack Horseman). When Dave Whitney, a ruthless corporate fixer in Texas, is passed over for a promotion in his family's oil business, he decides to take the whole company down. Mehar describes it as "What if Karl Rove worked for Greenpeace?"

We had a great cast for this one including Glenn Howerton as Dave Whitney, Brad Neely as Charles Whitney, Mamie Gummer as Molly, Scott MacArthur as State Senator/Roger/Redneck Store Clerk/Bobby/Gifford, Lizzie Peet as Aunt Alice, Roberta Valderrama as Margarita, Ginger Gonzaga as Zodiac Waitress/Assistant/Housewife/Local/Hostess, Gary Anthony Williams as Carl Fisher/Rival Oil Exec, Elizabeth Ho as Rhea,  Mike Kosinski as Oscar, Tay Strathairn as Liam Lenox/Steakhouse Waiter, Sunkrish Bala as Ravi Daptik/Rival Oil Exec/Colleague/City Official/Actor, Mike Kosinski as Cody, and Andrew Reich with stage directions. After the table read, listen to Andrew's interview with Mehar regarding his dead pilot!

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Inside Pop Ep. 140 - Inside the World of a TV Casting Director: A Conversation with Evan Majors (Rhythm + Flow, The Real World)

Inside Pop
Evan Majors

Have you ever wondered what minds were behind the casting of your favorite unscripted TV shows and how they found the personalities who've grown to feel like family?

In this episode, we chat with Casting Director Evan Majors to find out his approach to finding talent worthy of TV screens and pop culture obsessions. He shares how he approaches meeting and interviewing talent, the need for more representation in film and TV and a little insider info on his latest project, the recently announced Hip Hop reality competition show, Rhythm + Flow for Netflix featuring Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. as judges. He also reveals the one casting video he'd love to get his hands on.

Then, in this week's Big Sell, Amita gives her review of Sean's suggestion- an article about Stan Lee after his passing- and then sells Sean on an honest conversation between Gina Rodriguez, Gabrielle Union, Ellen Pompeo and Emma Roberts about equal pay and representation in front of and behind the camera.


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Judge John Hodgman Episode 392: Torch Reform


Spike brings the case against his wife, Ellie. Spike would like a kitchen blow torch but Ellie thinks it’s too dangerous! Who's right? Who's wrong?



Click here to watch the video of Spike and Ellie's dog, The Loch Ness Monster.


News stories on blowtorch injuries:

Crème brûlée torch explodes in Swiss restaurant, injuring 15 | Fox News

Chef sent to burns unit after 'gas explosion' at London restaurant | Metro UK

Woman Sues Disneyland After Chef Mistakenly Brûlées Her Face | Grub Street

Cooking torch explosion 'literally the blew doors and roof tiles' off family home | Get Surrey

Mary Berry says you CAN'T use a blowtorch to get that crunchy top | Daily Mail


Thank you to Mike McDavid for naming this week's case! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put out a call for submissions.



#196 - Best Hogwarts House


Mark and Hal turn Pottermore's Sorting Hat ceremony into a clean slate and come away with the definitive best House in Hogwarts.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 559: Avatarred and Feathered with Helen Zaltzman

Helen Zaltzman

Helen Zaltzman (Answer Me This!, The Allusionist) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the overpriced poo museum (poo-seum) that Helen visited in New Zealand that didn't live up to it's theme, the Sega Genesis games that Jesse has trouble resisting at thrift stores, the lack of bedside manner in Helen's British healthcare providers, and Jordan's karaoke strategy for someone who is bad at karaoke.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 32: Big Doggin' the Bar


When there's still a month to go before another Short Trek, Adam and Ben look for solace in the warm pages of the 2018 Star Trek Discovery Annual. But when our hosts realize this comic reveals secrets more voluminous than Klingon hair— it's time to read, record, and navigate the mycelial network. Was Stamets always grumpy? Will Culber continue to hum? Can you really define a Rapp jaw line?

It's the episode that sets Stamets up for success, but only he may deliver the goods.

CIPYD 168: Renee & Alexis Cut Loose


Happy Late Thanksgiving! We hope you had a lovely time.

This week Allegra is gone so Alexis and Renee are forced to fend for themselves!
First, Renee met Mayor Max, the Dog-Mayor of Idyll Wild! That's right, we've talked about him before but at long last Renee has met this political pup. Plus, sneaky Allegra once again proves she is the best friend in the world. We also have a silly game about your dogs "True Name." Then, Alexis has a bone to pick with the new dogs at the National Dog Show.

All that and more! Don't wait around! Snuggle up and in!

We have new SHIRTS! They're soft and great! Click here to find your favorite!

Everything's Coming Up Simpsons Ep. 165: 'Tis the Fifteenth Season w/ Michael Price

Michael Price

The holidays are right around the corner! This week, we get in the spirit of the holidays and chat with longtime Simpsons writer Michael Price about a Christmas episode he wrote for the Simpsons back in 2003. He'll discuss his love/hate relationship Christmas specials, and give us a behind the scenes look at Simpsons writers room. He'll also explain why this episode was a breakthrough moment for him as a simpsons writer. Michael is also the creator of "F is for Family" – you can check out the new season on Netflix starting Nov. 30th.

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Billy Eichner and Ali Wong

Billy Eichner
Ali Wong

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Billy Eichner and the Pop Culture Maniac That is Billy on the Street

[R] This week, we'll revisit our conversation with comedian Billy Eichner. He's probably best known for roaming the streets of New York with a camera crew, roping unsuspecting pedestrians into playing his game show, "Billy on the Street." While Cash Cab paved the way for street-ambush game shows, Eichner's approach has a unique twist.

The correct answers are often subjective (as in the game "Dead or Boring") and his game show persona is hyper-energetic and over-the-top. He's ready to swoon with a contestant who shares his love of Meryl Streep, or yell and stalk angrily away from a contestant who doesn't.

Eichner tells us about his screaming encounters with Madonna, the influence of Pee-wee Herman on his on-screen persona, and the role that game show laws played in the development of his show. (It turns out that "game show compliance lawyer" is a real job.)

New episodes of "Billy on the Street" are available online on Funny or Die. You can also see him on "American Horror Story," "Difficult People," and so much more.

Photo: Jesse Thorn

Ali Wong talks marriage and money and what it’s like performing through her pregnancy

There are many comedians who use their family life as inspiration for their comedy, but Ali Wong took it a step further when she recorded the 2016 comedy special "Baby Cobra" while seven and a half months pregnant.

Wong’s comedy is rooted in her willingness to be incredibly frank and honest about her personal life including her relationships, her Asian heritage and the challenges of pregnancy while working as a writer on the hit television show, "Fresh Off the Boat."

When Ali Wong joined Jesse a couple years ago she talked about being a breadwinner, performing while pregnant and how it feels to talk about painful and personal things like miscarriage in front of a comedy audience.

Ali Wong has another new comedy special: "Hard Knock Wife." She did the entire special pregnant, again. It's available to stream now on Netflix.

The Outshot: João Gilberto

On the Outshot, Jesse features João Gilberto, a musician who stripped away the heat and intensity of samba to create a cool, minimalist genre: bossa nova.

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