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Via the wonderful Big Happy Funhouse

The HUMAN GIANT is here.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to MEET and KNOW a REAL HUMAN GIANT? THat moment is here!

Aziz Ansari, Rob Heubel, Paul Scheer, and TSOYA pal Jason Woliner are together THE HUMAN GIANT. Watch for their newest film Illusionators, SOON.

In the meantime, get to know The Shutterbugs.

The American Dream

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Guests Louis CK, Florian Keller, and Neil Hamburger. Louis CK is one of America's best standup comics -- we talk with him about his new kind of old-fashioned sitcom. Florian Keller writes in his book "Andy Kaufman: Wrestling with the American Dream" that Kaufman's work was a satire of that cherished ideal. Also, America's Funnyman, Neil Hamburger stops in to talk about his sad, sad, sad life.

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The Future


Guests Chad Trujillo, Paul Moller, and Dippin Dots.

A look deep into the future. We talk with the inventor of the Skycar, with the discoverer of a new planet, and with a representative of the Ice Cream of the Future, Dippin' Dots. Plus the future of scrapbooking, reptiles, and more, and relationship advice from The Evil Computer Bent on World Domination.

More than 5,000 pages of America


I found this piece in the NY Times fascinating. The Historical Statistics of the United States is 5,000 pages of data about this country... can you imagine?

Among the information inside:

Fewer than 1 in 10 black children under 5 live with both parents; workers with the highest hourly wages now work the longest hours; there are more religious workers (also bartenders, gardeners and authors) than ever recorded, and more shoemakers than at any other time since the Civil War; only half of Americans have access to fluoridated water; a growing share of poor people live in the suburbs; philanthropy compared with the gross domestic product has been declining since 1960; more Protestants and Jews say they attended religious services within the last week than at any time in the last 50 years; the nation is producing record amounts of broccoli; it took four days on average to travel between New York and Boston in 1800; attendance at horse-racing tracks peaked in 1976, but rodeo attendance is at an all-time high; and the proportion of people who have no opinion in presidential approval polls is the lowest in a half century.

Norm MacDonald


I think I discovered Norm MacDonald when I was about 14, and all the way through high school he was a huge hero of mine. He's never quite gotten his act together since his SNL days, although his first sitcom was pretty decent. I met "Big Time" Gene O'Neill when, our Freshman year in college, he let slip that Norm was his hero, too. This is Norm on Letterman, immediately after he was fired from SNL's "Weekend Update," purportedly because the head of NBC, Don Ohlemeyer, was pals with OJ.

Some Thoughts on Improv Everywhere...


As translated by Babelfish from this German blog.

Perhaps the world would be a better place, would give it in each city a troupe like Improv Everywhere. Meanwhile for the fifth time they celebrated this year the NO Pants Day in the New Yorker underground, one day, which becomes obviously each year more popular.

And they even liked our interview with Charlie Todd, the founder of the group.

The interview on the side linked above is rather good, in order the group knows to learn, it is also a rather hear-worth consequence of the transmission.

Check out Improv Everywhere

The Greatest Yearbook Ever


Over at Swapatorium, some wonderful scans from The Greatest Yearbook Ever.

She writes:

Apparently they set up a photobooth in their school in 1969 and asked students to pose. Those photobooths were then used as the yearbook images.

If this yearbook isn't New Sincerity, then I'm not America's Radio Sweetheart.

There's more too.

Culture Clash - "Saving the Pinche World Since 1984"


As long as we're talking about my comedy heroes, let's throw Culture Clash into the mix.

I grew up in the Mission in San Francisco, a working class, largely (but by no means exclusively) Latino neighborhood. At the time, at least... these days it's an Authenticity Theme Park for assholes who eat black beans and tofu in their burritos and drive Jettas. But I digress...

When I was about nine or so, my mom quit her job working in an antiques store and went back to graduate school. She ended up getting a master's degree in Latin American Studies. One of her classmates was a member of Culture Clash, a comedy group that was then starting to gain some notoriety around SF and LA. Another member of the group worked at the Galleria de la Raza, down the street from my house. I was pretty dubious of attending anything my mother reccomended, but I went to see Culture Clash with her, maybe on the San Francisco State campus, I can't remember. What I saw blew me away, and I've been going to see CC as often as I can (not too often, they live in LA now, and theater ain't cheap) ever since.

What's great about Culture Clash is the way they combine a set of pretty disparate elements into a whole that feels really organic... it's sketch comedy, there's some clown influence, some traditional Artistic Theater, some politics, some La Raza Pride (a subset of politics, of course). And they're FUNNY.

In the years since I first saw them, they've broadened their scope, with a series of documentary theater pieces about various places... one of them was actually about the gentrification of the Mission. They've also tackled Aristophanes and even a TV show on FOX (this was back in the "Married... with Children" days)

When Carlos Mencia got famous last year for telling stupid offensive jokes about "beaners," then patting himself on the back for breaking down barriers or whatever, I thought of CC. These guys really do break cultural taboos without fear, really do satirize both the racial politics of America and Latino lifestyles, and they really are FUNNY. Really, really funny. Above all else.

Culture Clash have a new show about Zorro, called "Zorro in Hell," about to premier at Berkeley Rep. Richard Montoya, one of the group's members, will be on the show this weekend. I'll try not to gush.

Check Culture Clash out online, where they bill themselves as "The Original Exploiters of Che!"

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